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Armored Thor and Beta Ray Bill by Minimates


For years now, Minimates have been cranking out highly articulated, super deformed mini figs based on a number of different properties.  I believe the longest running line has been the Marvel Comics offerings and can range from being based on the comics to cartoons to movies to video games.  It seems there is no...

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Sword Spike Thor from the Thor Movie line

Thor Pose 2

Thor sends another representative to Carded Heroes, this time, it’s the main man himself, Thor.  Specifically, Sword Spike Thor. So how does this flagship figure measure up?

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Staff Strike Sif from the Thor Movie series

Sif 3/4

There’s nothing more aggravating than a movie line that has great looking figures…in the later waves. You know, that, at best, have limited distribution because no stores want to buy any more seeing has how there’s 40 of the main character still hanging out on the pegs?  Yeah.  Them.  Well, here’s one of them. ...

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