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Storm Shadow from Retaliation


You chose the dark path… One would say you have a flair for the evil side…then turn good… Then get brainwashed to go bad again… Then TURN good, only to pretend, and really be bad, but all the while, try to be as noble as you can. And not kill your sworn enemy. Such...

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Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes from Retaliation


Closing out the week in Retaliation, we’re doing a bit of the Live the Adventure, giving you the option to check out which figure you want (of course you can check out the other, I’m just having a bit of fun…)! We’re taking a look at the cornerstone characters of Snake Eyes and Storm...

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Carded Heroes’ March Treasure Hunt!

Congrats to the winner!!

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Chrome Storm Shadows


Taking a look at a bit of an oddity, let’s check out a bootleg of a G.I. Joe figure. Let’s check out the chrome Storm Shadows.

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Cancelled Jungle Strike Storm Shadow from G.I. Joe

JS Stormy 3/4

After the Rise of Cobra movie/theme for G.I. Joe, it was decided that the next theme, Pursuit of Cobra, would be broken into different geographic settings.  Figures were placed into either Desert, Artic, Jungle or urban or City-based themes.  Unfortunately, there’s a few figures that were slated early on for the Pursuit of Cobra that didn’t make...

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