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Azreal’s Batman from DC Universe Classics


Welcome back to another review on CardedHeroes! Today we take a look at “Azreal Batman” from DC Universe Classics’ line.

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Tsu’Tey from Avatar

TsuTey Head Profile

In 2009, Avatar was either the prettiest retelling of Pocahontas to date, or the bastard movie that ripped off a great cartoon’s title, depending on your point of view. Or a bit of both. James Cameron’s Avatar gave us unique humanoid characters called the Na’vi, and one of the tribal leaders was Tsu’Tey.

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Red Lion from Mattel’s Voltron

Red Lion Weapon

One of the most anticipated toy lines of 2012 is Mattel’s Voltron from MattyCollector. Now that I’ve got the Red Lion in my hands, let’s take a look at it!

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Sokka (War Paint) from Avatar: The Last Airbender


Looking at a past toy line, we take a look at Avatar: The Last Airbender.  No, not that horrendous movie (although, those toys will be coming up before too long), we look at the animated series. This time around, it’s Sokka in war paint.

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Adora from Masters of the Universe Classics

Adora Featured

One of the most impressive, not to mention pain in the ass, lines out currently is the Masters of the Universe Classics line.  One of the greats in the line is Adora, the twin sister of Prince Adam. 

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Buzz Lightyear (2009 SDCC Exclusive) from Toy Story

Buzz Head

In 2009, Mattel sold a 3 3/4″ exclusive Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story at San Diego.  It’s like getting a toy based on a toy.  So how does Buzz size up as an action figure?

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