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Kraven from Marvel Universe


Kraven from the Marvel Universe ends the short week at CardedHeroes. How does he stack up?

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Marvel Universe Greatest Battles Comic Pack Gambit & Mr. Sinister


Hello, and welcome to my first review here at! I figured (get it?) I’d start strong, because I’m probably going to get into some oddball figures later. So without further ado, I present to you… the Marvel Universe Greatest Battles Gambit & Mr. Sinister Comic Pack!

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Falcon from Marvel Universe

Falcon Pose 2

Visiting the world of superheroes, we take a look at Falcon from Marvel Universe.

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Storm from Marvel Universe

Storm Pose 3

Taking a look at one of the most iconic Marvel characters out there, we’re taking a look at Marvel Universe’s Storm.

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Darkhawk from Marvel Universe

Darkhawk Pose 3

Taking a look into the Marvel Universe, we look at Darkhawk.

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Hobgoblin from Marvel Universe


Spiderman’s foes continue to haunt Carded Heroes, and this time, Hobgoblin from Marvel Universe gets the spotlight.  So how did this second pumpkin-throwing villain add up in plastic form?  See below for the scoop!

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