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Military Building Sets from Sluban


Okay, we’re going off the grid a bit on this one.  We’re gonna take a look at some knock-off lego sets direct from China.  The company that put these particular sets out is called Sluban and I imported them via the nifty site , they feature building block sets, transformers, and super hero toys...

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Razcal’s Glider from Lego’s Chima


The world of Lego comes to CardedHeroes, as we take a look at the new 2013 line of Chima, a bizarre animal anthropomorphic characters and animal-themed vehicles. So let’s take a look at set 70000, Razcal’s Glider… 

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Genie from Lego Series 6 Blindpacks

Lego Genie Bust

Here’s a first for the site, one of the Lego Blindpacked figure sets.  What we are going to look at today is the Genie from the new Series 6.

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Rocka 3.0 from Lego Hero Factory

Rocka Head 3/4

So here’s a little something different for me to review, something that doesn’t revolve around the 1:18th scale of action figures.  Today, we’re going to look at Lego Hero Factory’s Rocka 3.0, kind of Bionocle’s offspring, which is an action figure line that you build from pieces, in Lego fashion.  So, how does it...

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