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Law & Order from G.I. Joe 30th/Renegades

Law & Order

I’ll put it right out there: My wife is a G.I. Joe fan.  As much as I am.  But she’s a comic book fan, while I, of course, am more of a toy fan.  But, every once in a while, there’s a G.I. Joe figure that even my wife says, “I HAVE to get...

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Unknown character from canned Jurassic Park line

Dukeblock Pose

Jurassic Park was to get yet another new line of action figures and dinosaurs exclusive to Toys R Us. The fun thing about it (at least, for most G.I. Joe fans) was that they were using repurposed G.I. Joe figures and vehicles as the base for the line.  One of which, is this guy,...

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Staff Strike Sif from the Thor Movie series

Sif 3/4

There’s nothing more aggravating than a movie line that has great looking figures…in the later waves. You know, that, at best, have limited distribution because no stores want to buy any more seeing has how there’s 40 of the main character still hanging out on the pegs?  Yeah.  Them.  Well, here’s one of them. ...

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Hazard Viper from G.I. Joe

Hazard Viper Pose

At one time, you know, for those three weeks, this guy was hard as heck to find.  I actually had a buddy help me with this early on. But now, you can usually find this guy at about every other store.  That doesn’t mean we can’t check out some pictures of him anyway, right?  Right!

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Barriss Offee from Star Wars (Vintage line)

Barriss Offee Head Side

This year brought out many different figures in the “new” vintage line.  One of the more challenging to find was Barriss Offee, a “near-human” alien.  The best place to find her was Ebay, but I was fortunate enough to find one of her.  So, now that I have her, what’s the verdict?

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Aqua Droid from Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Aqua Droid Pose

After recuperating from a little sinus infection, I’m back with another review.  This time, I’m presenting Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ Aqua Droid.  He was a bit of a challenge to find on the pegs, but I was lucky enough to find one, tucked away in the clearance aisles of all places.  So how...

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