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Cancelled Heavy Duty from G.I. Joe

Heavy Duty Launcher

Another representative from G.I. Joe makes it to CardedHeroes and this time he’s from the Rise of Cobra series. Or, should I say, he was GOING to be from the Rise of Cobra’s follow-up line, the Pursuit of Cobra.  However, for reasons uncertain, they decided to can this figure. Welcome to Desert Battle Heavy...

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Wife’s Pick: Crazylegs from G.I. Joe

Crazylegs Featured

It’s Valentine’s Day, and in honor of that, I let the wife pick the review for the day. Once again we turn back the clock and take a look at Crazylegs from the original Real American Hero run.

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Sci-Fi from G.I. Joe (30th Anniversary)

Sci Fi Pose 3

After a long break, the Real American Hero is back on CardedHeroes with the 30th Anniversary Sci-Fi.

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Cato Parasitti from Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Cato Featured

To end the week, we’ll be going back to Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and taking a look at Cato Parisitti, an alien “changeling” who goes up against the Jedi order.  How does this figure check out? As the Clone Wars figures have a thin, animated look to the figures, I usually give robots...

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Cancelled Jungle Strike Storm Shadow from G.I. Joe

JS Stormy 3/4

After the Rise of Cobra movie/theme for G.I. Joe, it was decided that the next theme, Pursuit of Cobra, would be broken into different geographic settings.  Figures were placed into either Desert, Artic, Jungle or urban or City-based themes.  Unfortunately, there’s a few figures that were slated early on for the Pursuit of Cobra that didn’t make...

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Venom from the Spiderman 3 movie line


Ending the week of Foes of Spiderman, we get the one, the only, the big nasty Venom! Taking it back a couple years, we’ll look at the 5″ Venom from the Hasbro Spiderman 3 movie line.  I know, I know.  Strap in, as we take it home, and end our first theme week, looking at...

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