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Kwinn from G.I. Joe

Kwinn Pose 3

For the longest time, there’s been a few black holes in terms of action figures in the G.I. Joe line, especially for followers of the comic book. And now, Hasbro has filled the void…or have they?

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Cancelled Heavy Duty from G.I. Joe

Heavy Duty Launcher

Another representative from G.I. Joe makes it to CardedHeroes and this time he’s from the Rise of Cobra series. Or, should I say, he was GOING to be from the Rise of Cobra’s follow-up line, the Pursuit of Cobra.  However, for reasons uncertain, they decided to can this figure. Welcome to Desert Battle Heavy...

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Cancelled Jungle Strike Storm Shadow from G.I. Joe

JS Stormy 3/4

After the Rise of Cobra movie/theme for G.I. Joe, it was decided that the next theme, Pursuit of Cobra, would be broken into different geographic settings.  Figures were placed into either Desert, Artic, Jungle or urban or City-based themes.  Unfortunately, there’s a few figures that were slated early on for the Pursuit of Cobra that didn’t make...

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Unknown character from canned Jurassic Park line

Dukeblock Pose

Jurassic Park was to get yet another new line of action figures and dinosaurs exclusive to Toys R Us. The fun thing about it (at least, for most G.I. Joe fans) was that they were using repurposed G.I. Joe figures and vehicles as the base for the line.  One of which, is this guy,...

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