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ZegaPain Altair from Bandai’s Robot Damashii


Today we’re going to look at another Japanese offering in the form of one of the robots from Bandai’s Robot Damashii, or The Robot Spirits, line. Bandai is a name fairly familiar with toy collectors in the States, but over in Japan they are a major force.  In their Robot Damashii line, they offer...

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Lion-O (6″ Classic) from Bandai

Lion-O Pose 3

We go back to the Thundercats line once again and take a look at the main man himself, Lion-O, in his classic 6″ rendition.

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Cheetara from Thundercats (6″)


The Thundercats make another appearance on CardedHeroes. This time, we’re looking at a character that we looked at a couple weeks ago, but this time we’re going in a larger scale. Now, here for your viewing pleasure, is the 6″ Cheetara!

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Mumm-Ra from Thundercats (6″ Vintage)


Ending the week of Thundercats, the best way we can end it is look at the the main villain himself, the ever-living, Mumm-Ra!!

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Wilykat and Wilykit from Thundercats


As the week of the Thundercats continues, we look at the last 4″ class figure of the week, by instead looking at a pair of figures. Up for review now is the brother and sister duo of Wilykat and Wilykit.

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Panthro from Thundercats (4″)

Panthro Bust

The week of the Thundercats continues, now taking a look at Panthro in the 4″ scale. Let’s check out how the newly designed Panthro translates into an action figure.

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