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Cancelled Heavy Duty from G.I. Joe

Heavy Duty Launcher

Another representative from G.I. Joe makes it to CardedHeroes and this time he’s from the Rise of Cobra series. Or, should I say, he was GOING to be from the Rise of Cobra’s follow-up line, the Pursuit of Cobra.  However, for reasons uncertain, they decided to can this figure. Welcome to Desert Battle Heavy...

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Sci-Fi from G.I. Joe (30th Anniversary)

Sci Fi Pose 3

After a long break, the Real American Hero is back on CardedHeroes with the 30th Anniversary Sci-Fi.

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Wilykat and Wilykit from Thundercats


As the week of the Thundercats continues, we look at the last 4″ class figure of the week, by instead looking at a pair of figures. Up for review now is the brother and sister duo of Wilykat and Wilykit.

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Panthro from Thundercats (4″)

Panthro Bust

The week of the Thundercats continues, now taking a look at Panthro in the 4″ scale. Let’s check out how the newly designed Panthro translates into an action figure.

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Cheetara from Thundercats (4″)

Cheetara 3/4

Thundercats week continues, as we take a look at the team’s token female fighter, Cheetara.  We’ll be looking at the 4″ version today. 

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Lion-O from Bandai’s Thundercats (4″)

Lion-O 3/4

One of the popular action figures from the 80′s is finally back, with a vengeance.  Sporting three different scales of action figures and a popular cartoon, The Thundercats are making their mark in sea of vintage rebirth. The week of the Thundercats starts off with the main man himself, Lion-O.  We’ll be looking at...

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