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Kwinn from G.I. Joe

Kwinn Pose 3

For the longest time, there’s been a few black holes in terms of action figures in the G.I. Joe line, especially for followers of the comic book. And now, Hasbro has filled the void…or have they?

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Agent J from Men in Black 3


Woohoo!!  Another movie tie-in toy line! And, once again, I’ve bit on it, hook, line, and sinker. Today, we’re looking at Men In Black 3′s Agent J.

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Red Ninja from G.I. Joe Retaliation

rRed Ninja Featured

Eh, why not one more, eh? The week of Retaliation was so popular, I’ve decided to do one more review, this time it’s the Red Ninja!

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Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe Retaliation

R Snake Pose

You chose the path of the good… The man in black who isn’t Johnny Cash. The enigma that is Snake Eyes finishes the week of Retaliation on CardedHeroes. Snake Eyes has been a staple of the G.I. Joe property nearly since it’s inception, and throughout the years, he’s been reimagined in every way a...

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Storm Shadow from Retaliation


You chose the dark path… One would say you have a flair for the evil side…then turn good… Then get brainwashed to go bad again… Then TURN good, only to pretend, and really be bad, but all the while, try to be as noble as you can. And not kill your sworn enemy. Such...

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Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes from Retaliation


Closing out the week in Retaliation, we’re doing a bit of the Live the Adventure, giving you the option to check out which figure you want (of course you can check out the other, I’m just having a bit of fun…)! We’re taking a look at the cornerstone characters of Snake Eyes and Storm...

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