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Kraven from Marvel Universe


Kraven from the Marvel Universe ends the short week at CardedHeroes. How does he stack up?

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Marvel Universe Greatest Battles Comic Pack Gambit & Mr. Sinister


Hello, and welcome to my first review here at! I figured (get it?) I’d start strong, because I’m¬†probably going to get into some oddball figures later. So without further ado, I present to you… the Marvel Universe¬†Greatest Battles Gambit & Mr. Sinister Comic Pack!

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Chrome Storm Shadows


Taking a look at a bit of an oddity, let’s check out a bootleg of a G.I. Joe figure. Let’s check out the chrome Storm Shadows.

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Wife’s Pick: Crazylegs from G.I. Joe

Crazylegs Featured

It’s Valentine’s Day, and in honor of that, I let the wife pick the review for the day. Once again we turn back the clock and take a look at Crazylegs from the original Real American Hero run.

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