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Darius Mason from Red Faction

Darius Featured

Unimax continues to issue out some great and unique characters in their Gamestars line, which encompasses multiple video game properties. This time, we look at Darius Mason from the Red Faction line.

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Tele-Viper from G.I. Joe

Tele Viper Featured

Going back to G.I. Joe once again, we’re taking a look at a figure from the “Middle School” or “New Sculpt” era, the Single Carded Tele-Viper.

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Quorra from Tron: Legacy

Quorra Featured

The Tron: Legacy toyline¬†makes it’s way onto CardedHeroes, with Quorra up for review.

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Red Lion from Mattel’s Voltron

Red Lion Weapon

One of the most anticipated toy lines of 2012 is Mattel’s Voltron from MattyCollector. Now that I’ve got the Red Lion in my hands, let’s take a look at it!

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Stealth Allura from Voltron

Stealth Allura Head

So…No mail meant no Red Lion, so I don’t have a Red Lion to review. Which SUCKS. So…let’s do a different member of Voltron, for the fun of it. How about Princess Allura from Trendmasters.

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Techno-Viper from G.I. Joe – Sponsored by Toycade!

Techno Viper Cone

New G.I. Joe goodness continues on CardedHeroes, this time we take a look at the Cobra side of life. Let’s take a look at the 30th Anniversary Techno Viper.

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