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Spray, Hench, and UFO by iGear


Turn away now, least your poor wallets be overflowing.  You have been warned.

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Armored Thor and Beta Ray Bill by Minimates


For years now, Minimates have been cranking out highly articulated, super deformed mini figs based on a number of different properties.  I believe the longest running line has been the Marvel Comics offerings and can range from being based on the comics to cartoons to movies to video games.  It seems there is no...

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Bat Man Bot by Polyfect


Okay, we’re going off reservation here and taking a look at what was sold to me as “Bat Man Bot” by an unnamed (and unscrupulous) ebay seller.

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Military Building Sets from Sluban


Okay, we’re going off the grid a bit on this one.  We’re gonna take a look at some knock-off lego sets direct from China.  The company that put these particular sets out is called Sluban and I imported them via the nifty site , they feature building block sets, transformers, and super hero toys...

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Getter Go from Revoltech


Today we’re gonna look at an offering from the Revoltech line – Getter Go – otherwise known as the most bad-ass toy you  don’t own! For those who may not be familiar with the Revoltech line, it is another Japanese import that features figures based on various media, such as anime, manga, video games,...

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ZegaPain Altair from Bandai’s Robot Damashii


Today we’re going to look at another Japanese offering in the form of one of the robots from Bandai’s Robot Damashii, or The Robot Spirits, line. Bandai is a name fairly familiar with toy collectors in the States, but over in Japan they are a major force.  In their Robot Damashii line, they offer...

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