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Darkhawk from Marvel Universe

Darkhawk Pose 3

Taking a look into the Marvel Universe, we look at Darkhawk.

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Chrome Storm Shadows


Taking a look at a bit of an oddity, let’s check out a bootleg of a G.I. Joe figure. Let’s check out the chrome Storm Shadows.

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T1 from Terminator: Salvation

T1 Gun Swivel

Here’s an action figure that …isn’t so much a figure. It’s a vehicle with a robotic add-on. It’s the T1 from the Terminator: Salvation line.

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Thibodeau from Heroes Force

Thib Pose

Today we take a look at a military figure that *surprise*, isn’t actually G.I. Joe. He’s from the line known as Heroes Force, and he’s Thibodeau, from the Canadian Air Force.

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Tsu’Tey from Avatar

TsuTey Head Profile

In 2009, Avatar was either the prettiest retelling of Pocahontas to date, or the bastard movie that ripped off a great cartoon’s title, depending on your point of view. Or a bit of both. James Cameron’s Avatar gave us unique humanoid characters called the Na’vi, and one of the tribal leaders was Tsu’Tey.

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German Soldier from Indiana Jones

Germ Soldier Featured

The Nazis have invaded CardedHeroes! Er, should I say, “German Soldiers”. Coming in from the Indiana Jones line, we have the “German Soldier”. If it’s alright with you, I’m just going to refer to him as a “Nazi”, because that’s what they were in the movie. This was one of the most anticipated movie...

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