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Shaak Ti From Star Wars: The Clone Wars


Taking a trip back to the Clone Wars, we’re going to take a look at Shaak Ti, from Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

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Carded Heroes’ March Treasure Hunt!

Congrats to the winner!!

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Carded Heroes Giveaway: Knock Off Storm Shadows!


  Now YOU can win a set of these very cool, very limited, hard to find gold and silver chromed Storm Shadow figures! I reviewed these figures not too long ago, and now due to a very generous donation from Gyre-Viper from JoeDeclassified, I’ve got a set to send to you, for free! But,¬†you’re...

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Lion-O (6″ Classic) from Bandai

Lion-O Pose 3

We go back to the Thundercats line once again and take a look at the main man himself, Lion-O, in his classic 6″ rendition.

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Arcee from Transformers: Prime

Arcee Pose

Today we look at something new on the site, we take a look at a Transformer. From the new Transformers Prime series, let’s take a look at Arcee.

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Zombie Viper from G.I. Joe

Zombie Pose 3

Dipping back into the realm of G.I. Joe, we take a look at an oddity for the line, the Zombie Viper.

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