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B.A. Baracus from Jazwares


Today we’re checking out B.A. Baracus, from Jazware’s A-Team (modern) movie. So how’s the figure hold up?

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Azreal’s Batman from DC Universe Classics


Welcome back to another review on CardedHeroes! Today we take a look at “Azreal Batman” from DC Universe Classics’ line.

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Rosie from The Jetsons from Jazwares


This Friday, we take a look at Rosie, from the Jetsons, brought to us by Jazwares…

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BS01 Beast Saga Starter Set from Takara Tomy


So, anyone that had been following Battle Beast-related news certainly heard about Beast Saga, the Japanese line that has a dice game (that no one cares about) that really tried to capture the vintage look of the Battle Beasts line. Let’s take a look at BS01, a starter set.

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Razcal’s Glider from Lego’s Chima


The world of Lego comes to CardedHeroes, as we take a look at the new 2013 line of Chima, a bizarre animal anthropomorphic characters and animal-themed vehicles. So let’s take a look at set 70000, Razcal’s Glider… 

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Gold & Black Armovor from Onell Design


Starting off the week at CardedHeroes, we’re going to take a look at a repaint of the ever elusive Armovor from Onell Designs.

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