About Carded Heroes

September 3, 2011

Welcome to Carded Heroes, where action figures of 1:18th scale (as well as some other scales) reign surpreme.  You will find product reviews of current and older action figures and vehicles, ranging from all kinds of toy lines, including G.I. Joe, Star Wars, to Thundercats, video game legends, and others.  As this is a 1/18th scale (usually 3.75″-4.25″) friendly site, this will be the predominant toy scale you’ll see on the site.  But, being the owner of the site, I get to make the rules, so, from time to time, we’ll have other fun action figures make an appearance.  It could be anything from DC, Masters of the Universe, Transformers, to Lego.  What can I say, it’s good to be the king.

From time to time, we’ll relay information and news that I find interesting or important to your toy collecting needs or desires.  I wouldn’t consider this a news site per se, but it will come here and there.  Consider it mostly a review site.

In addition to toys, we’ll also cover comics, movies, and anything else that tickles our geek fancy.  Granted, it’ll be to a lesser extent, but it will be here.  And, any more, toy collecting and these other hobbies really do coincide with each other more than ever before.  How many toy lines do we get a year from movies?  Not to mention the amounts of comic book heroes we see in plastic form.

For the time being, it will be a photograph review site.  I haven’t quite mastered the video review yet, but in time, it’ll come.

I’m also interested in what you have to say.  If you read a review about a particular character, and you’re interested in a particular figure from that same wave, if I have it or can get it, go ahead and request it!  I’ll do my best to help anyone out who’s interested in figures.  Of course, I’m limited by time, but I’ll do what I can.  Especially if I think the referred figure is of some interest to me.

I’d also like your help on another matter.  Time and time, we speak of what we see or what we don’t see on store shelves.  We’ll, I’m asking you to prove it!  In a segment called “On The Pegs…”  We look at store shelves, and what their stock of goodies may or may not be.  Consider it ultimate bragging rights of how well you’re stocked, or how barren or shelves are.  I’d like you to e-mail me here and it’ll go in to be on the web site, for everyone to see.


Please feel free to look around and take in the site. I welcome constructive criticism and helpful nuggets of personal thought.  I probably won’t have everything covered,  but hopefully you’ll get some use out of it!  Please stop back in to see who we’re reviewing tomorrow!