Rosie from The Jetsons from Jazwares

January 11, 2013

This Friday, we take a look at Rosie, from the Jetsons, brought to us by Jazwares…

Let me just preface this by saying I know what I was getting into, seeing the mold. But still… I was a fan of the Jetson’s cartoon growing up, nearly all the Hanna-Barbera cartoons. So when Jazwares released several of the characters from the Hanna Barbera, I knew I was picking up some, and for some reason, I picked Rosie the maid from The Jetsons as my first piece. Why? It’s kind of hilarious that they made Rosie, that’s why.

Okay, I have to say that Jazwares REALLY nailed the look of Rosie. You have the simplistic design that was in the cartoon years and years ago, making sure they got every part of her look. Her cylinder head is two toned, with head on the lighter blue, and her sides a darker blue for shading. A tiara-hat thing rests on top, nicely sculpted. Unfortunately, sloppy paint kind of ruins the sculpt, as the light blue bled up to the hat, and white overflowed onto the head. Antennae stick out from the sides of her head, a nice thickness with red tips. The antennae feel solid, so I don’t feel I have to worry about breaking them off. Her eyes and mouth are well sculpted and painted, Her collar is a separate piece, that sticks out between the head and body. A solid white painted piece, it flowers out to add some depth to the figure. Her body again has the two-tone paint, with the front of her body the light blue, and sides the dark blue. Her red buttons are sculpted and painted on, I am glad they didn’t just paint on the buttons to the body. Her arms are the light blue, with white cuffs that are painted…okay. I would have liked them to be cleaner, especially because there’s so little detailing. The cuffs are sculpted on, so again, they did well there. A red button on either upper arm breaks up the monotonous color of the arms that are cleanly done. The bottom section of the figure, or “skirt”, is a black with her white apron on front, and a bow on her backside, again both sculpted on. Painting is pretty clean on these two white elements, which is good, because errors would have been a beacon against that black of the skirt. The most interesting part, and the part I was concerned about, was her roller that she rested on. Due to her show design, I was curious if she would even stand (and yet, I still bought her). They tried to go for the shaded dark blue, but they molded the roller, and it’s shades off the dark blue, so it kind of sticks out. On the roller underside, it has three wheels, a lead wheel, and two wheels behind. Now, she’s a solid figure, and she has a small footprint…I really didn’t think she would stand. And, while it took me two attempts to get
her to stand, she does stand. So, yay, crisis averted!

In terms of articulation, you’re looking at: the arms. And that’s it. It’s POSSIBLE that the head swivels, maybe, but I’m thinking not, and didn’t want to break her to find out. She has ball swivel shoulders, and hinge elbows. Her torso does not turn, her wrists or roller doesn’t swivel…just…her arms.

For her accessory, she has her fan. Now, her hands have a wide open J shape, so, she cannot hold the fan as a normal hand would. However, her right hand only has an insert hole where you can set the fan in. It holds well enough, but the wide open hand does kind of make it look undersized. It is two toned, with a black handle and silver fan.

I’ll tell you now… It’s not a good figure, it really isn’t. I knew she would be limited from the get go due to her design, but I thought I’d get a little bit more in terms of articulation. I also want you to know that the store had five of these, and the one I picked up was the only one that didn’t have cuts in the face or body. Long indention lines were all over these figures, and ruined the look of her. Frustrating. But they did capture the look of Rosie. Her sculpting is top notch. The sloppy paint at points kinds of ruins her. I said it wasn’t a good figure, but it is a FUN figure. She was a fun character back in the day, obviously this line was aimed at adults, because kids have no idea who this is, but for who it is, the sheer fact that they did a Rosie figure, I chuckled when I picked it up, and she’ll probably go to my office with me. I picked her up at $4.99, and at that price, I’ll totally pick up Captain Caveman, Fred Flinstone, Dino, and especially Tom & Jerry (they didn’t have those two, to my disappointment). But, for action figures’ sake, if you have no attachment to this character, this is an easy pass for you.

rosiefront rosieback 550
rosiechest rosiearmdetail rosielarm

rosiebackside rosierollers
rosiefan rosieholdingfan
rosiecomparison rosiecardfront rosiecardback

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