Republic Commando Boss from Star Wars

January 3, 2013

Carded Heroes is back at it with reviews covering action figures of yesterday and today! We get back at it by taking a look at Star Wars, with the Republic Commando Boss!

I admit, I have a soft spot for the Clone Commandoes from Star Wars, I’ve always loved the look of them, ever since I bought the Scorch figure. Although I didn’t know much about the characters per se, the figures just looked beefed up. While I found the Scorch figure great looking but flawed, I was hoping that Boss would set things straight, at least in terms of construction. I was sorely mistaken.

The head has the signature Commando helmet, with the sleek visor and oversized jawline, with an orange stripe running down the middle of it. Black highlights highlight the helmet around the nose and mouth area, and defines the back of the head rather well. The chest armor is a little…odd looking, due to it’s low neck line. His black undersuit runs up his neck, but the stark contrasting orange and white armor sets so low, it’s like a, well, I’m not sure, but it just looks off. As for the chest armor itself, it’s pretty slick looking with protruding pieces covering the upper chest and sternum. Partitioned pieces scale up the stomach to add some depth to the design. Boss wears a c-clamp style belt that’s open in the front and has two notches in the back to hook in the backpack. The figure has exaggerated shoulder pads that stick out off the figure, while also having armor on the upper muscle area, as well as the lower arms. Inbetween, his detailed black bodysuit and gloves break up the armor. Typical clone all-white armor adorns the legs, on an otherwise interesting figure.

In terms of articulation, this figure goes from modern to vintage Star Wars the further you go down the figure. The head rests on a ball post, allowing for side to side motion and some up and down movement. The shoulders and elbows both have ball swivels, although due to construction, the shoulders’ movement out to the sides is hindered. The elbows are clear and free, though. No wrist articulation here, which is a shame. His main gun is easily a two hander, but construction prohibits him from holding it effectively with two hands. His chest has a swivel to allow a turning motion. Now’s the point in the figure where we take a time warp back. I was unaware when I had bought this, but this figures’ final articulation points are a T-Crotch. What the heck, Hasbro??? I was thoroughly disappointed in that. This becomes an even bigger problem when his gear makes him off balanced. With no ankle joints, he’s forever stuck in a relaxed, bent knee stance.

With touches of orange and highlights in black, the paint apps are few but effective, and clean. I’m not sure what the four dots on his breastplate designate, I assume rank, but they’re cleanly done, without any error. The body suit is flat black, and makes the armor pieces really pop. The visor is in a shiny metallic blue that really could have used a black outline to really make it show up, but is sleek, still the same.

In terms of accessories, he comes with a nice assortment of weapons, as well as an opening backpack. Now, I have to tell you, I love when backpacks can carry their gear, especially ones that can open up, but we run into an issue where the backpack is so big and heavy, that it throws the weight distribution off on the figure. With the figure not able to shift its’ legs to carry the weight, you’re going to have to prop him forward to handle the weight. What I do like, is that they use the belt to help hold the backpack in place with tabs from the belt that hook into the backpack. He comes with twin blasters, and a bigger rifle. He also comes with a “zipline” string and apparatus, that hook into the backpack. There looked to be a couple spots on the backpack that the line could tie in on, but I connected it to the inverted J-hook on the top, just as the card showed. The stringed apparatus can also rest inside the backpack with a hold for the string to go through. Neat feature, it screws up the ability for the figure to stand well, but it is a new feature.

Overall, I think this figure is another “Looks great, execution is lacking” scenario, just like Scorch was. If you want the figure, make sure to buy an articulated clone and see if you can do some part swaps to make it a decent articulated figure. The look is pretty sharp, it’s not as bulky looking as Scorch, but it still is slick looking with that orange and white on top of black.

And, with that…welcome back to Carded Heroes!

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