Razcal’s Glider from Lego’s Chima

January 8, 2013

The world of Lego comes to CardedHeroes, as we take a look at the new 2013 line of Chima, a bizarre animal anthropomorphic characters and animal-themed vehicles. So let’s take a look at set 70000, Razcal’s Glider… 

On a whim, I picked up the smallest set of Lego’s new line, Chima. As my buddy Jason said, this line has a figure that looks a LOT like Thundercats, they remind me a lot of Battle Beasts, so I had interest in the series anyways. Razcal’s Glider set was the smallest box set (there are poly bag sets that are smaller, and will do a review on one that I got soon), having only 109 pieces and one mini-figure. I found it kind of odd that the set had multiple instruction manuals as small as it is.

Let’s look at the mini-figure first. This was, of course, my main interest, as an action figure fan first and foremost. The core figure is a black and purple figure, with the chest print having gray straps and pouches, with a blue gem in the center of his chest (nod to the old Battle Beasts, maybe?). His head is two sided, a more focused if not evil expression on  one side, with a more “Oh crap!” bug-eyed look on the back side. Even though the head has a bird’s beak printed on it, what I LOVE is that they come with helmets to really emphasis the bird look. The helmet is gorgeous, with a painted beak, and gold accents (piercings?) around the eyes. Absolutely love the helmets, I’m really glad they went this way. The figure also has a silver chest piece with a blue translucent jewel piece on his chest, again, kinda makes me think there’s a nod to Battle Beasts there. The figure has big beautiful black wings that hook up on the back of the chest piece, which really sells the idea that these are bird like characters, instead of just lego bricks with printing on them, they really differentiate between normal Lego figures. The chest piece has shoulders on it, so there is some restriction on movement of the arms. However, they can turn a little more than perpendicular to the body, so I don’t really think it hinders the useful movement of the arms. There is printing on the legs kneepads and talons on the feet that really highlight the figure. He also comes with pieces for a double bladed sword type thing, that while a bit oversized, still looks pretty cool.

In terms of the vehicle, it’s a quad-winged raven looking bird glider. A soft, beak-like nose cone kind of tops off the bird look. Translucent red 1×1 round pieces in front of the rider section make them appear like eyes on the vehicle. The wings on the side are adjustable, but they cannot stack on top of themselves due to construction. Adjustable talons are both nice looking and do a great job supporting the weight of the model, in any position. There are no stickers, but two printed blocks with what I assume are faction symbols. A jewel piece rests on the back of the bird, kind of sticking out in the open. Razcal’s weapon can be reconfigured to go on the vehicle, adding to the back wings. This bird has a …particularly odd firing mechanism to it. It looks like there is a “gun” or a flick-fire missile under the bird’s chin. No…no, that’s not the case. Instead, there IS a flick-fire system, but, it works in reverse. Attached to the bird’s rear underside, there’s a flick-fire missile that’s chained in to the upper portion. I have no idea what this is supposed to be, but it looks…odd. Does anyone have an idea of what this thing is?

This is a set with a super quick build time. It felt like a lot of pieces for what it was, and the wingspan really makes it larger than it is. I say this is a satisfying build, and doesn’t feel overpriced (for Lego…). The figure is really cool looking, and accented with cool pieces that really make it shine. The vehicle build is neat, and nice looking. For a lower end set, there’s a lot going on, and playability is high. If you enjoy the line, this would make an excellent troop builder. I’m not sure that if it’s your first dabble into Lego, that this is the best way to go, but the really cool mini-figure is a great figure to have.

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rgrfrontempty rgrbackempty rgrface
rgrgear rgrfront rgrback
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