Gold & Black Armovor from Onell Design

January 7, 2013

Starting off the week at CardedHeroes, we’re going to take a look at a repaint of the ever elusive Armovor from Onell Designs.

Onell Designs has a pretty good thing going with his Glyos system of action figures built of reconfigurable parts. Like a Lego figure only in being a building figure, these Glyos figures have a much more organic feel to the parts, which result in some interesting builds. What’s great about this private toy line, is that it’s spawned sister private toy lines in Callgrim, Banimon, The FourHorsemen’s Outer Space Men, and a particular favorite of mine, Spy Monkey Creations, but those are reviews for another day. Back in the summer, Onell released a surprise figure with one of their “Drops” (the release of certain color repaints, or “color ways”), a small, “Battle Beast” type of figure that sold out pretty quickly, and has been doing so with every color way since. With each release so far, you’re getting the same figure in different colors, so this review can be representative of any of the releases to date.

What you notice about the figure is that it’s a nice bulky figure. The body from head to toe is covered in angular gold armor pieces, with black and red highlights. The armored head of the Armovor has a neat little function in that, it can work from the front side, the one that mirrors the wolf head, or can be reversed to look like an armored “dog” head. In both instances, the red of the visors really pop off of the gold (and black, in case of the wolf armor side). The black highlights really add to the helmet, I think moreso with the dog side. The wolf head is a gloss black head with solid red eyes, with an undercoat of gray. The nose, mouth and inner ears are a gray, with the paint app on one of the ears a bit offline. Hair is detailed and he has a gold collar to match the body armor. Going down the body, the armor on the chest is in segments, with the same red and black highlights. The small paint apps are tight, with no errors on the front or back. There is a red square on the front that is removeable. This is similar to the faction indicator from the old Battle Beasts. The arms have shoulder pads that come off the shoulder, but due to construction, these do not interfere with movement. The bicep area is in the black, which breaks up the shoulder and gauntlet armor. black and red accents breathe a little life into the bulky gold gauntlets. The upper thighs mirror the biceps with black breaking up the torso armor from the lower leg armor. The lower leg armor is a bit oversized and the feet kind of look like robotic flippers, but serve the purpose of holding the figure up, and matches the look of the lower leg armor.

In terms of articulation, every joint he has is a peg system joint, this is the famous Glyos joint system. His head, midtorso, shoulders, elbows, wrists, upper legs, knees, and ankles all have swivel joints, a total of 14 points. All of the points have free movement other than the upper legs, which gets cut just short of 90 degrees due to the hips.

In the accessory category, he come with an alternate head (mentioned above), and a weapon of some sort. The thing with the armored head is that it can also be used as a backpack or jet pack. Same could be said for the weapon, you can mount it on the back of the figure with a similar post hole that all the joints have. You can, if you so choose, to have the weapon as the head, as well, kinf of like a robot figure. I kind of jokingly refer to the weapon as a price scanner, and while it has a red tipped side, you can use the other side as the business end.

Your figure experience is as detailed as you wish to make it. It seems as if Onell Designs got the jump on the whole Battle Beast renaissance as of late with Beast Saga, Battle Beasts from Mini-Mates, and even Lego getting in on it with Chima. I absolutely love this figures, and have all of the releases except the first released figure, even though it’s the same figure, in different colors. I love the feel of the figure, it’s a solid figure with a great design to it. I dug Battle Beasts, and this is a homage to that. Follow to see when these will show up again!

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gbahelmethead gbawolfhead gbarobothead gbaheadback
gbachest gbabackdetail gbagauntlet gbafeet
 gbaacc gbabackpack gbapose
gbasmbp gbacomparison

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