BS01 Beast Saga Starter Set from Takara Tomy

January 9, 2013

So, anyone that had been following Battle Beast-related news certainly heard about Beast Saga, the Japanese line that has a dice game (that no one cares about) that really tried to capture the vintage look of the Battle Beasts line. Let’s take a look at BS01, a starter set.

I admit, I was REALLY looking forward to this toy line. Over on Moderately Geeky, our podcast, I talked them up quite a bit early on. I wasn’t crazy big into the line when I was a kid, but I had a quite a few, and I liked the absolute randomness of the original line.  And as of late, there seemed to be a monster resurgence of the line, whether it be a direct Battle Beast Line, or lines that gave homage to the original. But the line that looked the most like the original line was Beast Saga, who really captured that crazy armored animal look. Well, they captured the look…a little too well. And then they added a dice game. Eck. These figures came in multiple ways, single packed, blind packed, or triple packed sold as “starter packs”, which is what we’re looking at today. I have no idea what the names are, so I’ll just refer to their animal name.

Firstly, these figures really have the look of vintage Battle Beasts, everything about them really hit the mark of the armored up, wide-sat stance animal that’s ready to wage war. The figures have a really detailed look to them, both the animals and the armor. Both the hamster and lion have heads that have blended coloring for their heads, and all have sculpted and painted on detailing for the eyes and mouth. The deer have antlers that are a separate piece that fit in snugly into two sockets. A couple more face notes, the hamster has gloss black eyes that really make them pop, and the eyes on the lion are a bit off and make him look like he has a lazy eye. Pretty disappointed about that. The body of the hamster is flat out hilarious, with a real cyborg looking green armor. Loaded down with guns and gears, this little guy can handle about anything. While the hamster’s body is solid green, the deer and the lion have some colored accents. The lion has two cool claws coming off to the side of the arms, while the deer has ornamental designs around the neckline and lower shoulder pads. Each of the figures has a standard torso armor, shoulder armor, gauntlets, and boots, with the hamster and deer also having upper thigh armor. Overall, I think that the hamster and deer is the most detailed, with the lion having more paint apps.

In terms of articulation, it models EXACTLY like the original Battle Beasts, which, for those that don’t remember, kind of stink. We’re looking at four swivel points, shoulders and legs at the crotch, that’s is. Due to the armor and leg design, the leg movement is EXTREMELY limited. So… That’s pretty much a bummer, there.

In terms of accessories, each has a weapon, shield, and the game gimmick in the dead middle of the belly. The plastic of the weapons are REALLY soft, but really detailed. The lion’s sword is REALLY floppy, and each shield is bendable. You actually have to bend the shield for the hamster for him to hold it. The game gimmick almost ruins the figure. The bodies have a plunger that pops out so that you can put a die in to have it eject. However, the original Battle Beasts had black rub signs to show their faction alignment, but if you didn’t rub it, it was black. Well, due to the black plastic around the plunger, it kind of gives them that black rub sign look, so I’ll excuse it.

You’re going to end up spending anywhere from $5-10$ per figure, plus shipping. Honestly, if they were about $4 at your local stores, yeah, I’d totally say they’re worth it for the fun and nostalgia. But when you have to pay $10+ after shipping for them, there’s just no way I can recommend them at that price. That said, I do like them in hand, they’re fun, but what too costly for what they are. Here’s hoping they come stateside for purchase. Until then…check out onelldesign’s Armovors, Mini-Mate’s upcoming line, or even Lego’s Chima line for your beastly warriors of good and evil.

And yes…the Lion has a roaring crotch piece.

bslhead bslback bsl34 bslclawdetail
bslacc bslgeared bslemblem
bsh34 bshback bshhead
bshacc bshgeared bshemblem
bsdfront bsdback bsdhead bsd34
bsdbody34 bsdacc bsdgeared bsdemblem
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