B.A. Baracus from Jazwares

January 15, 2013

Today we’re checking out B.A. Baracus, from Jazware’s A-Team (modern) movie. So how’s the figure hold up?

Well, he’s not Mr. T, that’s for sure. But, it’s not a bad looking figure. Taking a look at the head, they try to capture the look that Mr. T had with the mohawk and facial hair. The paint’s pretty good, but the eyes are a bit off. The painting is screwed up, but I actually think the mold is a little wacky, it looks like he took a cross to the left eye a bit. The eyebrows are a bit off, as well, which doesn’t help the look. Going down to the chest, the necklaces are replaced by dogtags, and vest is replaced by a yellow shirt. A double holster is molded in, with guns resting on his sides, which interferes with the arms’ neutral pose. The chest is an okay mold, but looks a touch flat and wide. The shirt has wrinkles and folds to give it some depth, and the dog tags are sculpted. The paint’s pretty good, but the shirt does have chipping on it, which is disappointing. Bare arms have a tattoo on both biceps, and a band on his wrist. Muscular tone is there, but not in great detail. The biceps are detailed, but the lower arms are undetailed. A nearly closed “C” grip is on the right hand, while the left hand has a trigger finger extension. Belted blue jeans go all the way over the boots, detailed with folds and creases. Paint apps are done well with light blue dry brushing over a grayer blue. Carhartt-style work boots peer out from the pants, detailed with shoe laces and sole trim molded in. Interesting that there is only one foot peg, in the right foot.

Articulation is pretty modern, with only a few issues. The head rests on a ball post, but it only swivels, no real up and down movement. The shoulders and elbows have ball swivels, and the wrists have swivel joints. There is a swivel joint under the belt line, but no chest articulation. The legs are on ball posts, and allows for solid movement. There are ball swivels and the knees and feet, but the feet’s joints are rendered useless due to the molding of the pants. Now, this could have been due to the age, but the joints were stuck pretty tight. The arms about popped off trying to pry it loose. Too much force could have ripped either the shoulder, connector piece, or the pin holding it together.

B.A. comes with a rifle and pistol. Nothing overly impressive, and maybe a touch undersized, but finely detailed, just the same. He can hold the weapons in either hand, but the pistol seems to do better in the hand with the trigger finger extended.

As an action figure, he’s not that bad of a figure. He’s a bit “normal”, which is both good and bad. You can use him as an undercover figure, or off duty figure in your military figure line. He’s of average size, I wish he was a touch bigger, as an imposing force, but at least he’s of average size. If it wasn’t for the screwy eyes, I really would have dug the face sculpt. He could have a place in your collection, if you don’t have it already, but it really doesn’t have the B.A. Baracus look and feel that people in the 80′s grew up with.

babfront babback babhead
babheadprofile babshirt babbackdetail
babholster1 babholster2 babtatl
babtatr babpants babboots
babacc babposerifle babposepistol
babcomparison babcardfront babcardback

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