Azreal’s Batman from DC Universe Classics

January 14, 2013

Welcome back to another review on CardedHeroes! Today we take a look at “Azreal Batman” from DC Universe Classics’ line.

Mattel struck gold with the DC Universe Classics figures, they were well recepted and over the years have been able to post quite a library of characters, from mainstream to fringe characters. Now that they’ve gone to the subscription service/Matty Collector model of selling, figures and variety are limited, but the characters are varied. Before the jump to online only, one of the few last waves of figures had a great assortment of figures, with a great build-a-figure Bane, one of which was Azreal as Batman.

Off of the bat (sorry for the pun, it may not be the last), this Batman really branches out his look from his popular tights and cape look. The head has a more knight-like look, with a red visor instead of the normal eyeholes. I like it, it looks slick against the metallic blue of the helmet. The mouth is covered, while the helmet has mandibles going down the sides of the face. A red light/camera thing rests on her left side of the forehead, and the famous ears are there to keep the traditional look alive. This Batman has a armor that drapes over his shoulders and goes in front of his abs in the front, and down to his lower back in the rear. Instead of the famous cape, Batman has six bladed ‘wings’ that drape over the back. The two sets of three wings look great, but they do make the figure a little off-balanced to the back. The bat on the chest is there, but a bat with sharp edges and drastic curves gives it a different, stylized look. This Batman has a high collar that interferes with head movement, to the point of where he’s looking forward, with a little wobble left and right. A lower level of gold armor runs over the rib cage and out and down to the elbow joints. The ribcage is lined in a basic pattern, where the shoulders and arms get a lot more panel lines, rivets, and other details. This is another form over function, as the shoulder pads do prevent some forward movement, even though the shoulder pads are a soft plastic. Blue and gold gauntlets have gold ammo belts on them, linking them to the figure’s back. These are soft plastic belts, and they cause very little restriction in movement. Three more blades come down off of the gauntlets to give the figure a bit of a monstrous look. Silver fingered blue gloves complete the figure, with the fingers being angled and bladed, looks like claws. An unlogoed utility belt wraps around the waist, and, honestly, it looks like it’s upside down, but has silver tabs and detailed pocket flaps to give it a detailed look. The abs down to the feet are well detailed, but is flat gray. Three blades hang off the side of the boots to give the boots some uniqueness.

The Azreal Batman’s articulation is similar to all DCUC figures, unfortunately, his gear prohibits some of the upper body movement. His head rests on a ball post. His shoulders and elbows are ball swivel joints, and has swivel wrists. There’s an ab crunch, with swivel at the waistline. DCUC’s modified T-crotch has a great range of motion, and he has swivel joints just above the knees, and double hinge knee joints. Hinge angle joints finish off the figure’s articulation.

I love the look of the Azreal Batman. There’s tons of add on’s that really make the figure pop. The six wings is a nice change of pace for the cape, but it comes at a price of throwing off the balance of the figure. The shoulder armor restricts the movement some, and the lower portion of the figure is a bit bland, minus the blades on the boots. Still though, any negatives of the figure are outshined by the sheer cool looks of the figure. If you’re standing him with a bunch of other figures, you may need an aid to help the figure from falling over, due to the weight of the wings.

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