Getter Go from Revoltech

July 10, 2012

Today we’re gonna look at an offering from the Revoltech line – Getter Go – otherwise known as the most bad-ass toy you  don’t own!

For those who may not be familiar with the Revoltech line, it is another Japanese import that features figures based on various media, such as anime, manga, video games, and movies.  The line has been going for years now and encompasses everything from Nemo to Godzilla to Macross to animated softcore porn girls (Jay’s favorite!).   Now, once again, I have never seen, read, or otherwise have any connection to the anime or manga Getter Go, but that doesn’t stop this robot from being one of my favorite purchases of the past year.

Okay, Getter Go is a pretty standard anime robot.  While a early 90′s property, it definitely harkens back to a 70′s/early 80′s anime robot design.  Fairly humanesque in appearance, Getter leans towards superhero proportions with a barrel chest and “muscular” arms and thighs.  The roundedness of the robot lends to this superhero look while reminding you a bit of classic American Muscle Car lines.  Deco wise, Getter is decked out in primary colors, as befits his cartoon and comic origins.  The torso and arms in a solid blue with the “pants” in a dark green with white, red, and silver highlights.  Fairly simple look that works extremely well in translating a 2d image into a beauty of a figure.

Revoltech is touted for its revolutionary joint system.  It’s basically a ratchet swivel joint on pegs that make it function like a ratcheted ball joint with extreme range.  It’s a fantastic joint system that allows for extreme mobility while giving firmness to hold poses.  If you’ve never bought a Revoltech figure before, you really need to pick one up on the cheap just to experience the pure posability that one provides.  Getter Go is a fairly typical revoltech figure in articulation which includes (ball joint=revoltech joint which includes peg swivel): Hinge/Peg Neck, Ball Joint base of Neck, Ball Joint Shoulders, Cut joint Bicep, Ball Joint Elbows, Peg/Hinge Wrists, Ball Joint Mid Torso, Ball joint Hips, Ball Joint Knees, Hinge/Peg Knee Caps, Ball Joint Ankles, Double Ball Joint Rockets.  You’re gonna be hard pressed to find a pose you cannot get Getter Go into.

For accessories Getter Go comes with an arsenal. Lets start with his individually articulated rocket packs.  These things are something so simple, yet gives this figure a ton of personality in adding an extra dimension to posing.  Getter also comes with an alternate “screaming” head, 2 extra sets of hands, a pair of clip on wrist cannons, a clip on foldable wrist blade, a wrist clip for shells, 5 shells, hand cannon, and big ass sword.  The hand canon additionally can breach load one of the shells (awesome!).  The shells don’t stay in the wrist clip very well, so some caution is needed there, but it’s a super cool inclusion that gives the gun a personality of its own.  The big ass sword is also mega cool, mainly due to the ability of Getter to hold it in virtually any pose.  I think I spent about an hour making him do the Conan sword twirl thing.  Also included with the figure is an action burst effect that is attachable to his foot.  It’s kind of a silly addition, but it really gives some poses that anime/manga feel.  Finally Getter comes with a standard Revoltech flight stand.  The stand is a V-shaped foot stand with an optional attachment to make a flight stand with a double Revoltech jointed clip to put Getter in all sorts of gravity defying poses.  I’m gonna say it right now, every action figure needs to come with a stand like this.  The Japanese have surpassed us in many technologies (not the least of which is the toilet), but here in America, we’re still fighting to get simple foot stands with our toys.

I’m not sure I can adequately express my pleasure with this toy (yes, I realize how that sentence sounds).  It was purchased on a whim because it was cheap.  I had bought Revoltech figures before with various levels of enjoyment, but Getter Go made me remember how much fun a good toy can be.  Super posable, solid feeling, really cool useable accessories, sharp-looking, and fairly affordable even at import prices.  I’ve had more fun posing this guy than I’ve had with a toy in a long time.  He’s out there for cheap from a number of sources, so if you’re looking for something a little different from what you can find on the shelves here in America, give Getter Go a try, he might just bring a little bit of sunshine to your day.


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  1. Jay Hunger on September 12, 2012 at 3:41 am

    Nice work, Travis.