Kwinn from G.I. Joe

June 26, 2012

For the longest time, there’s been a few black holes in terms of action figures in the G.I. Joe line, especially for followers of the comic book. And now, Hasbro has filled the void…or have they?

For a portion of the Marvel comic book run, Kwinn played a part in the saga of G.I. Joe versus Cobra. Eventually, we DID receive a Kwinn figure in 2004, but it just didn’t have the look Joe fans were looking for. So, at the tail end of the dubbed 30th Anniversary line, Hasbro decided to take another shot at the Eskimo tracker. However, with the figure slated for a later line release, and G.I. Joe: Retaliation figures down the pipe (oh, the irony…), Kwinn was in a dangerous spot. And due to the timing, and the expected line from the movie, Kwinn was discarded, along with the fabled Data-Viper. However, all was not lost, as we were told multiple times that Kwinn WOULD COME OUT, just no one was sure when.

Due to the investigative works of a few friends and their friends however, it seems our friend Kwinn was created at some level. And my friend, famed Podcaster Gary Godsoe from What’s on Joe Mind, was able to get his mitts on one of them. And, being the good guy that he is, was nice enough to share his gem with me for a review.

So, what do we get with this figure? In the 30th Anniversary line, we’ve been treated to highly detailed, well equipped soldiers for the good guys and bad. With this figure, we get…Kwinn. Let me tell you, he’s a great figure, but in looking at the figure alone, he’s a dude with a tan shirt and cargo shorts. Well detailed, well sculpted…guy on vacation. The head for Kwinn is nicely detailed and the character looks worn with age. Wrinkles around the brow, nose and mouth age the character, giving it life. The shirt is a plain button-up shirt with a seamline down the middle and breast pockets, with a collar down around the neckline. The shirt’s wrinkled and folded, giving it good detailing. The sleeves are rolled up, with a buttoned strap sculpted on each side. The bare arms are slightly muscular, giving it a realistic appeal to it. Wristbands frame the arms from the wrists, where bare hands are positioned in trigger poses. The shorts are cargo shorts, going down to just above the knee. The shorts are riddled with pockets and seamlines, again, really kicking the figures’ design up a notch. Now here’s something we don’t see a lot of… Bare Joe knees. There’s some detail for the calf muscle, just as you would see on most people’s knees. White socks and brown and khaki boots finish off the figure, with the boots detailed in panel lines, shoestrings, and boot treads.

In addition to wonderful sculpt, the 30th Anniversary also kicked it up a notch with articulation. The typical articulation points were present on Kwinn. The head rests on a ball post, allowing for side to side as well as up and down movement. The shoulders, elbows and wrists all have the ball swivels, allowing for great range of motion. The hips have the t-bar joint, and the knees have the double-hinge knee joint. The only minor issue I have with the figure is that the shorts prevent full bending of the knees, as seen in this picture. That’s a minor issue, but noteworthy. The ankles are ball joints as well. Don’t get too excited, this figure was made (at least, it’s reasonable to believe) well before the movie figures with limited articulation were made. Here’s hoping they go back to the 30th Anniversary styling, at least for this figure, anyways.

In terms of accessories… Kwinn came with a war chest of goodies. Mounted machine gun, shotgun, sniper rifle, a pike, a hatchet, some handheld bladed thing, a bear trap, 2 ammo belts, a backpack and his necklace of miniature skulls. It should also be noted that he comes with a harness that is probably removeable, but seeing as how this isn’t my figure, I didn’t try to pop it off in case it was glued on, but it sits tight on the figure. He comes with a belt, too, that also has a holster. Now, you’d note in my weaponry, I didn’t list a handgun. He probably will get one of those, as well. Something that I especially like is that he has a canteen on his belt, as well. I had that same design of canteen when I was a kid (a red and white stripe on a fuzzy surface), so that was a special little “Hey!!” moment for me. The necklace, backpack, belt (as mentioned), the hatchet, and hand blade thing all have multiple paint apps on them… If we get all these weapons, that may be interesting to see if they stay that way. He can hold all of his weapons, and his backpack opens to hold some of the loose weapons, as well. I love the hunting/sniper rifle, it has some great detailing on it.

Like I said initially, he’s a guy in a button up shirt and shorts. But he’s a great figure. The sculpting on it is on par with any figure released around the same time, and the accessories this guy comes with is amazing. I have to think that customizers would SWOOP in on this figure to do customs with the shirt and shorts combo. This really is a great figure, and it would work on so many different levels. He would make a great civilian, great custom fodder, an outdoor tracker, or, for you die hard Joe comic lovers, a GREAT Kwinn in action figure form. Hasbro, if you’re reading… Make this figure happen. He’s right for all the right reasons. Touches nostalgia, great design work, excellent sculpting, and a fun figure. Thanks to Gary from What’s on Joe Mind for letting me take a look at Kwinn, and letting me share him with you.

Hey Gary, I’ll trade you a couple troop builders for him? EVERYONE loves troop builders ;)







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7 Responses to Kwinn from G.I. Joe

  1. kurt_eh on June 27, 2012 at 12:20 am


  2. Don Maue on June 26, 2012 at 1:52 pm

    Great review, Jay! I didn’t think I could get any more excited about this figure, but it seems I was mistaken. I had not been all that upset when I missed getting a Doctor Venom figure, but now I can’t imagine having one without the other. Time to go track one down! Thanks again for the great analysis on Kwinn!

  3. Cliff on June 26, 2012 at 11:01 am

    Great review. Thanks Gary and Jay. Love the figure. Love the character, but it’s no wonder we did not get “Middle aged guy in khaki shorts” at retail. Really a niche figure. There is a place for him, but retail it ain’t!

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  6. Jason Martian on June 26, 2012 at 9:13 am

    Eskimo is not an appropriate term. They are called Inuits.

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