Storm from Marvel Universe

April 2, 2012

Taking a look at one of the most iconic Marvel characters out there, we’re taking a look at Marvel Universe’s Storm.

Her third figure, this is the first Storm figure in the Marvel Universe line that’s been single packed. The other two were packed in a comic pack and another in a five pack. With the Marvel Universe sharing bodies with most of the figures, there are only slight differences, or soft goods like jackets or capes. This figure has the shoulder length white hair down and flowing over the top of her shoulders. The hair is well detailed with strands flowing down and gently to her left. It’s a harder plastic, so it will interfere with movement. The headdress is sculpted on, and cleanly painted. With it being black, it’s a strong contrast to her white hair. Her silver eyes peer out from the brown skin. Her head is a JUST bit small for her body, or her neck is just REALLY long. Her cape does a decent job of hiding how long the neck is, going over her shoulders to the back of the knees. The plastic is a soft plastic, but it’s a thick plastic, so it will still interfere with movement. The cape is black with a gold trim that goes around the cape. The cape has folds and drapes around the figure. The rest of the figure is your typical Marvel Universe female figure. She has a one-piece dark blue/black leotard. There are no sculpted on lines, so the straps on her upper chest are painted on, with no details in sculpt. Her bare arms have two bracelets painted on, separating the forearms from the hands. The right hand has an open position, while her left hand is a closed fist, both rendering them useless in terms of holding typical weapons. The bare thighs only go down halfway, where she has mid-thigh boots going the rest of the way down. Again, there is no detailing in the boot line, all detail is in the paint.

The articulation is the standard buck for the female action figures. Her head is on a ball post, but with her long hair being a harder plastic, it limits movement. She can move her head left and right, but not without her hair rubbing up against the cape. She has a swivel not only just under the breast line, but also at the belt line as well. Odd, why they duplicated the joint is beyond me. The shoulders are ball hinge joints, but the cape places some restriction on the movement. The arms can freely move forward and out to the side, but cannot move backwards or straight up. The elbows are hinge joints that can go a full 90 degrees. The wrists have swivels having unrestricted movement to spin all the way around. The hips have ball pin joints, but due to the hip sculpt, the movement of the legs are limited. The legs can unly go up about 45 degrees, and out to the side less than. The knees are on a double joint, allowing them to tuck back behind themselves. Articulation ends with ball hinge ankles.

Storm’s accessories are two small blue translucent lightning bolts. As her hands are worthless for holding anything, the lightning bolts clip on to the wrists. It looks better on the open hand, but the bolts can fit onto both wrists nicely enough. They’re not so big as to weight the arms down, she can hold her arms out with the lightning on and it not be weighted down.

Seeing as how Hasbro refuses to do any unique figure molds for the typical size bodies (larger characters usually get a single mold), the only differences you’re going to see is head sculpt and paint apps. The paint apps vary on the figure; on the head, they’re crisp and defined, while the boot lines are splotchy at best. She looks like Storm should look. If you want a Storm figure, this is as good as it probably gets. Marvel Universe REALLY needs to look at doing unique parts and pieces. That’s more a complaint on the line than the figure, it’s a good representation of the figure, X-Men or Marvel fans should pick her up.






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