Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe Retaliation

April 20, 2012

You chose the path of the good… The man in black who isn’t Johnny Cash. The enigma that is Snake Eyes finishes the week of Retaliation on CardedHeroes.

Snake Eyes has been a staple of the G.I. Joe property nearly since it’s inception, and throughout the years, he’s been reimagined in every way a person in all black could be imagined. But, with a new movie about to air, heck, let’s do it all again, Hasbro likes to say. The all black commando ninja is technically dark gray, with black detailing on armor pieces and his visor. The visor is the multi-ridged visor that was made popular by the version two Snake Eyes back in 1985. Unlike the Rise of Cobra version, this visor is part of the head sculpt and cannot be removed. There is creases and crevices along with seamline up and over the head to the back of the neck for some nice detailing. The rest of the mask has no real features, including missing the lips. The chest is riddled with seamlines, STITCHING, and layers all over it. On the top of the upper back, you can see strings that hold some of his clothing together. Nice detailing! The arms have shoulder pad armor that is a shiny black. Elbow straps and pads break up the dark gray arms. The forearms are a bit long and stringy in comparison to the upper arms, they probably could have been shortened a bit. A web belt in the same color is nicely detailed, but could have used a paint app with black and silver to really make the detailing pop. The pants are loose and baggy, with thigh pockets and black kneepads to break up the color. The pants continue past the pads until they’re met by nicely detailed boots. You can see latches and segments of different armor pieces strung together on the boots to give even the boots some life. I don’t feel he’s an extremely exciting Snake Eyes figure, but he’s pretty much on par with what we expect to see out of the figure. I really feel he harkens back to the Venom Versus Valor Snake Eyes seen here, which is a good thing.

Snake Eyes comes with a full array of articulation. He’s given the full treatment of articulation that we’ve come to expect in G.I. Joe figures. The upper torso retains the typical articulation points of modern era G.I. Joes, with the inclusion of advanced wrist articulation. The lower torso is once again fully modern, as it contains the double hinged knee joints and ankle joints, in addition to rockers on his feet (more important, in my opinion). For the full run down of articulation points on the Snake Eyes, you have: Ball Post neck, ball hinge shoulders and elbows, advanced wrist articulation that has both swivel and allows for up and down movement, he has a swivel chest, ball pin hips, double hinge knee joints, and ankle ball hinge with rockers on the feet. The deluxe package in terms of G.I. Joe articulation!

I have to tell you, the accessories in the Retaliation line have been some of the worst in G.I. Joe history. But with Snake Eyes, I think you get one of the more weird ones. You get a lobster-like projectile that can’t shoot from anything, so, it’s just kind of there. It’s attached to a zipline that has two anchor points. Snake Eyes also comes with a silver harness that acts as part of a pulley system for the zipline. There are two sleeves that can contain the rope. The harness sits a little high on the figure, but looks okay. It’s as if he’s wearing an  Arishakage-issued chest armor piece. It does make him a bit back-heavy if you have him wear it. Here’s where it gets odd. He’s given two huge blue ‘wings’ that pop into the sides of the harness on the back. They’re incredibly long, and really mess with the figure’s center of gravity. Not to mention they’re kind of peculiar in their own right. The ball joints that connect the wings to the harness seem to pop out easily, which adds a bit of fruwstration to the whole thing. Not only that, but the wing tips fire out. Seems kind of silly. BUT, for the good news, we’re given a NICE looking all black sword that is sleek and detailed with hand grips and slits on the back of the blade. This is a one-handed sword, so don’t look for two handed poses. Snake Eyes also comes with a blue Vector-type handgun that kind of mirrors the Pursuit of Cobra’s Dusty Vector gun. He can keep good grips on both the gun and sword, making for some decent posing.

The acky gimmick accessory for Snake Eyes just makes this one an oddity, but the figure itself is a decent looking figure. It has some real detailed aspects to it, with layers, stitching and seamlines, and the articulation is as good as you’re going to find in a G.I. Joe package. If you shelf the gimmicks and keep the sword and gun, you’re left with a lean fighter, that, while plain in coloring, is still a neat figure due to the details. The figure takes elements from one of my favorite Snake Eyes figures, so it has bonus points from me. This doesn’t look to be the real movie accurate version of the character, so if that’s what you’re looking for, you may need to wait until the version 2 comes out.









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One Response to Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe Retaliation

  1. Tom on April 20, 2012 at 3:06 pm

    Figure looks great, glad to see he has the full articulation but the accessories are junk, but that’s okay, Marauder has swords and uzis :)