Roadblock from G.I. Joe: Retaliation!

April 19, 2012

G.I. Joe: Retaliation continue on CardedHeroes. Today we’re taking a look at the Ro…the ROADBLOCK. Can you smell what the Roadblock is cooking?

To outsiders of G.I. Joe, there’s two actors from the upcoming movie that has their attention: Bruce Willis, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The latter of the two has been shamelessly plugging the G.I. Joe retaliation movie ever since it was announced he was playing a part. Which, honestly, the movie and property can use all the positive press it can get. While the Rock was a positive person to bring on, people were wondering how he would play the Roadblock character. I think he’s made it his own now.

But…as figures go, we get the Rock in the legions of G.I. Joe. It should be known that this figure is a MASSIVE figure. It’s a little more than half a head over most figures, and a muscular build makes for a figure with a quite a bit of plastic to him. The head sculpt is nice, I think it’s just a touch off, which makes it that much more drastic, but I can’t for the life of me place why it’s off. My wife saide that the eyes were too high…not sure? Any thoughts? It’s cleanly painted, though, the goatee, eyes and eyebrows are all nice and tight. The outfit of the figure is as basic as you can get. a simple black tank top, and camoflaged pants. He has straps on his shoulders for…something. The massive arms for Roadblock is ripped with muscles, and you can actually see veins on the biceps. He has black wrist length gloves, and the right hand has the dreaded “double klondike Bar”, the feature that one, renders his hand otherwise useless, and two, interacts with his special weapon, information below. The right hand is bent at an angle, so it looks a bit awkward if you don’t have the gun in his hand. A few of my friends have shown that you can do simple hand swaps with previous figures to give him a useful hand, so that’s an option you have. But we shouldn’t have to customize and kitbash something into a useful option. An alternative hand SHOULD have been added, but this is something that we’ve seen for a while, and we’ve had time to cope, it’s something that we will have to deal with. The camo on the pants is a basic brown stripe on green pants that’s simple but effective.  Gunmetal kneepads break up the pants and black military boots complete the figure.

As with other figures in the Retaliation line, you have a pretty set articulation point scheme. Roadblock is no different. The base is the modern G.I. Joe articulation point, with the difference being the legs and ankles. A Ball post head allows for left and right movement, and can look slightly up. Ball hinge shoulders and elbows, swivel wrists, and ball pin hips complete the typical Joe articulation. The shoulders are huge, and there’s a bit of a gap from the shoulder and the chest, it’s not terrible, but it is there, and was on every Roadblock figure I saw. The change once again comes in the lower legs, with the knees having single hinge joints that can go back 90 degrees, and no ankle articulation. You know, he could have used some ankle articulation, but if it wasn’t with the rollers on the feet to make them pivot, I’m just as good without that ball hinge. As he is, he has nice, large boots that do a good job of balancing the figure, even with no articulation.

Accessories is where the positive review ends, once again. Just as with Duke, the accessory/gimmick weapon on this figure flat out SUCKS. It is a two-piece combining weapon, that has an action feature when you insert the “klondike bar” on Roadblock’s hand. On the projectile firing side, when the piece is inserted into the hole, two blue pieces are supposed to spring up, but mine barely release. Lame. Not to mention, the bar doesn’t really keep locked into position with the gun, so it pops off, and he can’t really hold it very well. On the non-firing projectile side, It releases a light blue blade, that really doesn’t gel visually. Now that one DOES stay socketed in to the bar, but he holds it at an awkward angle due to the bent wrist. The nonfiring side has a ball that can lock into a shoulder harness (again, like Duke), to help brace the gun, but it’s a weak connection point. Honestly, I can’t tell you which weapon I hate more, Duke’s, or Roadblock’s, but I think it’s Roadblock’s, due to the silly hand thing. Again, he comes with no normal weapons, which is a bit of a buzzkill, too.

I tell you, once again, the gimmick ruins an otherwise solid figure. In this case, the gimmick actually does ruin the figure due to the “Klondike bar”. Excluding the weapon and hand, this is a great, solid figure. I see it though, and just don’t see “Roadblock”. I see it as “The Rock is a part of G.I. Joe now, WOOO!!!” Maybe my thoughts will change after I’ve seen the movie, I don’t know, but even still, it’s a great figure, and solid piece. To fully enjoy this, unfortunately, you need to buy a second figure and do a hand switch, and hit up Marauder Inc for a nice weapon to go with him. Once you have this, you’re set with an excellent action figure.








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