Falcon from Marvel Universe

April 6, 2012

Visiting the world of superheroes, we take a look at Falcon from Marvel Universe.

Man, Hasbro has a sweet gig with the Marvel Universe line. There’s about 3-4 standard male bodies, a female body, and then the large characters have pretty unique sculpts. Usually, the only difference with characters are head sculpts, and maybe an accessory or gimmick. With Falcon, he keeps the status quo. He has a unique head sculpt that has multiple colors, the white mask is washed out with a yellow headpiece on his forehead. The paint on the head is pretty clean and defining, but they painted his eyes to look almost crosseyed. The pupils are so small though, that it’s almost hard to tell if he has any anyways. The body is the medium build with not extra detailing other than painting. Most of the lines are a touch blurry on the outfit, the designs are not clean cut. The body is muscular all over, most prominent on the chest, back and thighs. The sleeves of the figure are just painted on with the arm, there are no ridge lines, but the paint line is a little cleaner than the body. Still though, it’s disappointing they don’t have a sleeve line on the upper arm. His hands are gloved, and his left hand has a longer glove cuff to hold the falcon bird he comes with. The backs of the arms have slits in them where you attach the character’s wings. They fit snuggly enough, but a lot of movement will cause them to pop back out. With the lower torso a skin tight red bodysuit, it’s a bit boring (but to my knowledge, accurate to the character), as there’s no real detailing other than musculature.

In terms of articulation, it’s a standard Marvel body. A ball post neck really only allows for side to side movement. Ball hinge shoulders are followed by swivels at the top of the biceps, allowing for decent movement. The elbows have hinge joints with not quote 90 degree motion, and the swivel wrists finish out the articulation on the arms. As the wings are attached to the back of the upper arms, you may have to watch for clearance on the back side of the wings from bumping into each other. They’re one point attachments, so the forearms are able to move freely on their own. The torso has a swivel joint that allows rocking side to side and front and back. Tight ball pin hips allow decent movement, but you may have to work it easily to free the joint. I’ve had several legs pop off from trying to move them without working them free first (they’re typically pretty easy to pop back on, though). The knees are double hinged and can tuck the lower leg behind the thigh. The ankles have the typical ball hinge joints to finish up the articulation. Status quo for Marvel Universe.

The accessories for Falcon are two translucent red wings and a falcon bird. The wings are long and extremely light, so they don’t weigh the arms down. This allows for good posability. The wings won’t pop out of the socket on their own, but with some usage, they will fall out. They’re easy enough to put back into place, though. The red falcon bird is decently detailed, with a black wash over the wings to bring out the feathers. The beak is yellow, so that’s a nice touch of detail. It doesn’t have feet, but has a brown sideways clip to allow it to fix onto Falcon’s arm. I’m kind of disappointed they didn’t have the clip run parallel to the body, and made it his feet, as what they do most of the time. Instead, it’s just a brown band.

The figure isn’t a bad looking one, the white and red of his outfit is a nice contrast to most of the superheroes on your shelf. I’ve always been a fan of animal side kicks, so that was an even bigger plus. The did the wings as they probably could do, you can move the arms freely with only minimal interference. With the wings being as light as they are, it doesn’t hinder the figure. Still though, it’s the typical body with a new head, if you’ve gotten any of the figures, you know what you’ll be getting. Paint lines could be a bit crisper, but it’s not terrible. I don’t know much about the character, but the figure is a solid addition.







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One Response to Falcon from Marvel Universe

  1. Tom on April 16, 2012 at 10:53 am

    Being a Captain America guy I love it anytime they get a a new Cap related character! Nice looking figure I ahven’t gotten around to opening mine since I bought it