Shaak Ti From Star Wars: The Clone Wars

March 26, 2012

Taking a trip back to the Clone Wars, we’re going to take a look at Shaak Ti, from Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Ah, it’s been a bit, so let’s go back to Star Wars. Shaak Ti, an alien that is the same species as Ahsoka Tano, had a couple of really good back-to-back releases, one in her typical garb, one in less so (in more ways that one). Typically, I try to go for the more “realistic” designs over the animated style, but this figure I liked too much to much to pass up. The elongated head looks alien, but still humanesque. The chalky red flesh frames the head from the forehead, around the cheekbones around the jaw. White circles are around the eyes go up on the forehead. The circles are cleanly applied and the the lines have no fuzz, nicely applied. There’s gold jewelry in the middle of her forehead, and the gold is painted pretty well until they get to the bottom of the jewel, in between the eyes the gold isn’t applied. The blue striped horns of Shaak Ti are large and drop down to her mid-thighs. The blues are a bit fuzzy on the front, but the stripes on the back are pretty clean. I do love the look of the blue stripes, though, very striking design. The jewelry on her forehead continue on over the horns, which is basically gold dots, ending with a large piece on the top of the back horn. The paint’s okay, but on Ahsoka’s, you can definitely tell they’re strung together, whereas Shaak Ti’s just looks like dots on the top of her head. The chalky red skin continues down onto the neck and chest. Around her neck is a gold and pink stole, with the stole being detailed in circles and symbols, to give it a nice appearance. Shaak Ti has a brown strapped shirt, but there isn’t much detailing. But with the stole, the head horns, and the jedi robe, you can’t see it anyways. She has long handless gloves (or sleeves that don’t connect to the straps? Maybe my wife can help me out with what it’s called) that go up to the top of her biceps. The bare hands are in two poses, the right hand has two fingers extended with the remaining fingers and thumb in a gripping position. Even with the fingers extended, she can still grip the saber and keep it held. The left hand has the trigger finger extended (which is a bit odd for Jedi…), but the rest of the hand is in a gripped position. Shaak Ti has a belt that has a holster for her saber, and has a buckle in the front. It’s not painted, but again, with the stole, horns, and jedi robe, you can’t see much of it, anyways. She has an ornamental piece of fabric that is detailed like her stole. Only this has designs and shapes, like traingles and “X’s”. She has a nice fabric skirt that drapes down below her feet. It’s a soft fabric, so it doesn’t interfere much with her standing. The frayed ends really convey a more homely style that fits the Jedi. She has brown pants and knee high black boots that finish off the figure. The boots are well detailed with laces, seamlines, and the sole lines. Overall the outfit is pretty undetailed, but it’s almost completely covered by a robe, so you don’t see much of it, anyways.

Pretty standard articulation in terms of a Star Wars figure. Her head is on a ball post, but due to her head horns, it restricts movements up and down to wiggling. But the horns are soft enough to allow side-to-side movement. She has a swivel at the belt line to allow twisting movement. Her shoulders, elbows, and knees have ball-hinge joints that are pretty unrestricted, but have to deal with fabric. The wrists have swivels, but the sleeves of the robe go down pretty far, the lightsaber is about the only thing that can help reveal the hand. She has the ancient T-crotch that only allows forward and backward movement. Which is a shame, as it would be a great figure to have some advanced positioning with.

Shaak Ti comes with a lit lightsaber and a robe. She may have come with an unlit saber, but I didn’t see it anywhere in the package. The robe is oversized, the hood can fit over the horns, and looks good with it down over the back horn, but I think I like it better resting under the horn. The oversize of it looks nice, but it basically makes it a head on top of a jacket.

I love the look of the figure. The blue and white head horns really contrast with the red face. The designs on the stole, and plastic fabric off the belt are nice and detailed. She really could have benefitted from an advanced t-crotch, but at least the fabric of the robe and skirt really don’t prohibit movement. If you’re wanting a classic look for this character, even with the animated simplistic look of her head, it’s still a really great figure. As it’s been a bit since she’s been out, you’ll have to look for her on secondary markets, but a solid figure to add to your collection!









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