Darkhawk from Marvel Universe

March 8, 2012

Taking a look into the Marvel Universe, we look at Darkhawk.

In not knowing much about the character (I seem to do that a lot…), I loved the look of Darkhawk. Silverhawk-like wings, a cool helmet, that was enough for me to snatch the figure off of the pegs. So how does the figure actually stack up? In dealing with Marvel Universe figures, you need to know that MOST bodies are similar bodies. There’s a heavy, a mid, and a small body figure, with some variations here and there (real big figures, like Hulk, Thing and Apocalypse gets their own molds). Darkhawk is of the small body type, and by small, I mean small frame, light musculature, but typical height. The helmeted head is a slick looking design, with a Cylon-like red visor against a silver faceplate. The remainder of the helmet is the deep blue that covers the rest of the body. Sleek in design, it’s not heavy on detailing, but the faceplate is raised up off the rest of the helmet, with the visor is recessed back. The shoulder pads are a seperate piece and rests over the top over the shoulders, connected by a neck piece. The neck piece and shoulder pads are flat panelled and given a nice metallic paint app. At the bottom of the neck piece is his jewel/power source, and hangs over the chest. The remainder of the chest is highly muscular, but otherwise monotone in the dark blue suit. The chest and back is a little more blue than the arms and legs, which have a bit of a darker color to them. Darkhawk has gauntlets on his arms that have a handful of items going on with them. Firstly, and most notably, the wings of the figure are attached to the underside of the arms. They dangle from that contact point, but they are not overly heavy, and he can hold his arms posed up if you want. On the right guantlet, there is a three-spiked claw that protrudes quite a bit away from the gauntlet that looks really neat. The left guantlet holds what looks like a blaster of some sort. Not sure. Around his waist, he has a seperate metal belt to break up the upper and lower part of the figure. The body suit continues down to his feet where he has boots, but no boot lines, so it looks like it’s a solid outfit.

The articulation on the figure is heavy, but has a few issues. the head only has side-to-side motion on a ball joint. I really wish that for all flying characters that they’d put a front to back rocker so that the character could look straight up, so he could watch where he was flying. The abdomen has an advance swivel to allow forward and backward bending. This joint’s a bit loose while moving, but does a decent job of holding the prefered pose. Shoulders have the ball hinge followed by a swivel at the top of the bicep, allowing for good motion. The shoulder pads do hinder motion, but only if you want the arms to be straight up. The elbows have a hinge joint that go up almost 90 degrees. Wrists at the swivel allow for the wrist to be turned at any desired pose. The hios are on a ball socket joint, so you can get decent range, but pose it too wide, and the legs will pop off. The knees are at a double hinge joint, while the articulation ends with ball hinge ankles. The legs really need a swivel at some point, the fact that they can only forward face is definitely a downer.

As far as accessories go, he doesn’t have any, unless you count his wings and figure stand. As he doesn’t have any others, I’ll go ahead and do that. The wings are single solid pieces, that have detailing on the body of the wings. He’s got blades that stick out facing forward off of the tips. They look to be the same wing, duplicated for each side. As they don’t don’t attach to the body, you can use them as a weapon, especially with the tips.

Darkhawk isn’t an overly remarkable figure, but they get right with the minimal add-ons like the gauntlets and shoulder pads. He looks very superhero-ey in his get up, but I suppose you could use him as some kind of aerial troops in other lines. You have to account for his wings when posing, but otherwise, it’s a solid figure overall.








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