Chrome Storm Shadows

March 7, 2012

Taking a look at a bit of an oddity, let’s check out a bootleg of a G.I. Joe figure. Let’s check out the chrome Storm Shadows.

Call them Silver Shadow & C3P-Shadow, call them Storm Shadow Forever, or call them knockoffs, what we’re given here is a chromed up version of Storm shadow, one in silver, one in gold. Where they come from, I honestly don’t know. I had a buddy say, “Hey, would you be interested in a set of these?” I said sure, and some time later, there they be. Now, know that these are not from Hasbro, so they’re not Hasbro approved, in no way, shape or form did these ever come out, or were planned to come out (that I’m aware), so it’s reasonable to say that someone took the time to do these on their own. Much more known in the Transformers community, but G.I. Joe has also had some knock off figures in small doses produced as of late. As they’re knock offs, they’re not readily available, and there is a rareness to them, but that doesn’t correlate with the value. This is an odd situation to where you can judge the value of the set, and you’ll probably be right. Some put high value on them, as they’re just flat out rare, and others don’t have them. Others see no value on them as they were not christened by Hasbro. Still others see them as an interesting and unique part of G.I. Joe history, and enjoy them because of that. I tend to be the latter of the three, as I think they’re a nice oddity that really does stick out in a collection. Plus, with it being chrome, you really can’t lose. There are some spots on the figure where the chrome is chipped, but I believe these are points where the parts were dipped into the chrome.

To talk about the figures itself (they were a set, if you’re keeping track), it’s based on the version 1 Storm Shadow. All of the details of the original are carried over in both the gold and silver variations. These are head to toe chrome, with no paint applications, minus a cobra sigil tampoed onto the left part of the chest. The detail lines on the face were a bit soft, but the rest of the detailing is as sharp and clear as the original Storm Shadow.

In terms of articulation, you’re dealing with same joints as the original Storm Shadow figure. It has a swivel neck as early 3.75″ G.I. Joe figures had. Ball hinge shoulder give the figure great range of motion. There’s a swivel at the bottom of the bicep, right about the hinge elbow. With it being an O-Ring figure, you get the full torso movement at the belt line. They typical hips allow for good motion, and the hinge knees finish off the articulation. Now, while the range of motion is there, you have to deal with something else with these figures. Chrome rubbing on chrome really doesn’t end well, and that’s what you have here. That said, In moving the neck, arms, and legs, I haven’t gotten any flaking from the joints yet. But, that said, I’m not going to push my luck, and neither should you, if you have these. Just make sure you watch how you’re moving the limbs around.

As far as accessories, each came with two chromed swords, the same color of the figure. They are nicely done, and the detailing matches that of the original long sword. Now, here’s the thing… The handles are kind of large. The C-grips on the hands are kind of small. I tried to get the swords into the hands, but it didn’t want to go, and I didn’t want to run the risk of the chromed hands being brittle and snapping. So…you have nice swords, you just can’t use them with the guy they came with.

This here is just one of those things… If you have one, or a set, they’re a great addition to a G.I. Joe fan’s collection. As I said before, these are not Hasbro items. If you want a set, and you want to track a set down, only pay what you’re comfortable paying. It’s really hard to say what the market will say they’re worth years down the road, so get them for your collection, not to resell. Plus, it’s chrome. Shiny is always a win.







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One Response to Chrome Storm Shadows

  1. CookSux on March 8, 2012 at 4:38 am

    Whoa, I was completely unaware of these… now I must track them down.