Sokka (War Paint) from Avatar: The Last Airbender

February 17, 2012

Looking at a past toy line, we take a look at Avatar: The Last Airbender.  No, not that horrendous movie (although, those toys will be coming up before too long), we look at the animated series. This time around, it’s Sokka in war paint.

I didn’t follow this cartoon at first. It took about most of the first season before the wife and I were hooked. All of the characters were fun in their own way. You had to love Sokka, who was just a regular-joe warrior in training, up against the magical forces of the Avatar and other Benders. In a few episodes, we get to see Sokka and other members of the Southern Water tribe going to battle in their war paint and that’s what we see for this version of the character.

The war paint application is pretty clean; the “fang” on the right side of the chin is a bit off center, but that’s the only flaw on my figure. He has a cream-colored necklace at the base of the neck, which hides the neck articulation. The body is not hyper-detailed, as this was a toy meant more for kids than collectors, but the detailing that it does have is nice. The light purple wrap shirt has ties that criss-cross over themselves and form a few creases, which give the mold some life. There’s a dark blue undershirt that you can see at the neckline of the outer shirt and a brown strap for his back holster slung across his chest. A dark blue band breaks up the shirt from the “skirt”. On the shoulders there are a pair of decorations which are too thick to be feathers, so maybe they’re claws from an animal? They’re something animal-related, in any case, and are perched on the outsides of his shoulders. The dark blue undershirt continues down the arm, broken up by purple band bracelets, and continues on to cover the first two fingers and thumb on Sokka’s hand. The ‘skirt’ of the long tunic covers both the front and the back of the figure and has slits on each side to allow leg movement. The dark blue pants go down to his knees where the pants blouse out over the brown boots, which are undetailed except for two gold buttons.

The articulation on the figure is a bit primitive in spots, but isn’t bad overall.The head is a swivel at the base of the neck to the body. You’re looking at side to side motion, that’s all. The torso has a hinge joint that allows forward and backward motion. There is a swivel below the waist band. The shoulder has a swivel ball joint that allows it to move up and down, as well as out and back. The elbows are basic hing joints that allow for the full 90 degree motion. Swivel wrists end the articulation on the arms. It’s a shame there’s no swivel bicep for added mobility. This figure would have really excelled with full articulation. The hips have the advanced T-Crotch, allowing for full movement at the hips. The ‘skirt’ is a soft rubber, and doesn’t prevent much, if any, leg movement. There are no swivels on the thighs, so the knees will be forever pointing one direction. The knees have hinge joints covered by the puff at the knees. The boots have a swivel, however, allowing for better foot placement. The articulation ends with hinges on the ankles.

The accessories on the figure is healthy. He carries two hatchets, a staff, a boomerang and its holster, which fits on his back. The accessories each have multiple paint apps, but are simplictic in design which is fine, as it fits into the animated style of the figure. As with the rest of the figure, the paint apps on the accessories are not heavily detailed, but the detailing that is there is very nice – colored handgrips, and good choices in paint apps. He can hold each of his weapons easily and snuggly, you don’t have to worry they’re going to pop out of his hands and he can hold them at multiple angles. The staff he can actually hold with both hands.

The figure is nice, and is a great representation of the character. It’s a solid figure with nice articulation which does well at holding poses. It is a bit different from the 4″ figures that I usually get, as it has an animated look to it, but he’s definitely a favorite from the line. This line has been discontinued in stores, so you’ll have to comb eBay and other locations for it. But if you’re able to find one, you should definitely pick it up.





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