Sci-Fi from G.I. Joe (30th Anniversary)

February 13, 2012

After a long break, the Real American Hero is back on CardedHeroes with the 30th Anniversary Sci-Fi.

When toy lines come to a close, there’s always a mad dash to find those last few waves of figures.  While G.I. Joe as a whole isn’t coming to a close just yet, the normal line is winding down to make room for figures from the new movie, G.I. Joe: Retaliation.  One of those figures in the closing waves a personal favorite of mine, Sci-Fi. This guy was neon in the original series before neon was cool. Finally, the Bright One is back, making his long-overdue appearance in the new-sculpt era.  You can finally see his entire face, not just his mouth and chin, along with the rest of his head in a hooded cover.  The cover is a gray with white stripe, which ends at the back of the head carryies over onto the neck.  The removable helmet takes the figure up a notch. We see his familiar blinding green body suit and gray and black chest armor, which is now a separate piece.  The lower torso is broken up by a black belt, which has a silver buckle.  The sleeves on Sci-Fi are a baggy fit, and we’ll find later that this does hamper some movement.  He’s got black elbow and wrist pads which break up the green of the suit.  The green pants are broken up by silver battery packs and boots.  (I’m guessing they’re battery packs, in any case.  Something needs to keep his suit glowing…) In a neat addition to the figure, there are wires running off of the leg packs and into the boots.  What purpose these wires serve for are anyone’s guess, but they sure look cool. The boots are high and come up over the leg joint.  I’m surprised they didn’t just make the boot onto the leg, or make the leg have a single joint, but we’re blessed with some depth and articulation.

The articulation is what you’d see in a standard modern G.I. Joe figure.  The head rests on a ball and can only swivel. The torso has a sliding swivel joint that allows twisting motion as well as slumping motion from side to side. The ball joint at the shoulder gives a great range of motion. The shoulder pads above the collar bone end at the joint, so there’s no hinderance from them.  The elbows have a swivel/ball joint combo to allow side motion, as well as normal bending. The sleeves are pretty bulky, and did cause some issues holding the gun with two hands.What didn’t help either was that he has the old swivel wrists and not the advanced wrists that have bending action in addition to the swivel.  The remainder of the figure is the standard G.I. Joe treatment; the normal hip joint, double hinged knees, and the ball joint swivel ankles.  The hips and legs have no restrictions in movement.

We’re given a modest loadout in terms of 30th Anniversary figures.  He’s got not only his 80′s helmet, but a modified helmet with a full facemask. As I never remember the full facemask, I’ve only taken one picture with the full mask just to show you what it looks like.  (It kind of looks Tron-ish to me.)  But the regular, half-mask helmet looks great and fits on tight.  The backpack has red lights painted on, and even a couple of gold accents painted on as well. His laser rifle has some painted details, such as the gold on the tip of his barrel, and some red where the hose attaches to the gun. All are really nice touches, nothing unneeded, and it retains all of the classic elements, right down to the rubber hose.  There’s notch in his backpack that allows for the gun to be stored, as well.

As a fan of Sci-Fi, this figure was a long time coming. Honestly, I’m glad they waited on him past the 25th, to make sure the figure had some extra awesome, and they produced a winner. This guy is a no brainer to Joe fans of the classic styling and modern era, but he’s also a sound and fun action figure in the 4″ class.  You come across him, pick him up!









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