Quinlan Vos from Star Wars (Vintage)

February 6, 2012

Time for yet another Star Wars figure.  This time, it’s an actual human.  Or pretty human, at any rate, I don’t know.  He looks human.  He’s Quinlan Vos!

I tell you what… The Star Wars lines makes fans of other toy lines half frustrated and half jealous. THE most random characters get made as a figure for this line.  In other lines, fans beg and plead to get B- or even some A-List characters.  Quinlan is one of those figures that has had a brief blip of history in the Star Wars franchise – in this case, The Phantom Menace. But, this minor character ends up having a pretty sweet figure.  The lightsaber welding character has big dreadlocks on top of a nicely detailed face.  The paint apps are clean and crisp, and his facial tattoos are well done.  The Jedi attire he wears is detailed with folds and creases to bring some depth to the figure.  The sleeves on the figure are baggy, but that doesn’t interfere with the posability.  Bandages wrap the hands to help with the unique look to the figure.  The ‘skirt’ of the figure is multi-layered, one layer is of soft plastic, the other layer is of cloth. The pants are in the same brown color, and meet with calf-high boots, which have gold medallions on them to give them some design.

Articulation on the figure is great.  The head is on a ball post and has good range of motion.  The long hair does somewhat interfere with movement, but the hair has give on it, so you can, more times than not, get the movement you’re looking for.  The shoulders and elbows have ball joint/swivel combos that allow for full motion.  Even as baggy as the sleeves are, there is very good range of motion at both joints.  The wrists allow for unrestricted swivel movement. The waist has a swivel joint for upper body movement.  The hips have ball joints that have a good range of movement.  There is both plastic and cloth “skirt” pieces that have very limited interference. Ball joint/swivel combo joints on the knees and ankles end the articulation for the figure.  There’s a ton of baggy clothes and other things that COULD interfere with the movement but don’t, which equates to a figure that has depth but isn’t penalized for it.

In an odd addition, this Jedi packs a pistol in addition to his lightsaber.  As is current tradition of packing a lit and unlit lightsaber, the unlit lightsaber can mount on his belt with a peg on the lightsaber.  The saber stays firmly attached to the belt which is nice.  The character also has a working gun holster, and thus the figure can hold everything he came with.  AWESOME.  Love it.  The blaster is nicely detailed, and he can hold it tightly and in a natural pose.

I tell you, between the detailing of the figure, the unique aspects of the character, with his dreadlocks, facial tattoos, the bandaged hands, as well as the blaster and holster, he stands apart from typical Jedis.  The figure uses a nice combination of joints and soft plastic to give a great look and maintain great articulation.  The catch of this figure is that he’s part of the Vintage packaging line, which is basically about $1.00 or more extra from the normal line.  I honestly feel like this figure is actually worth it, though.  If you find him in the “The Phantom Menace” vintage packaging line, pick him up.  He’s flat out great.







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2 Responses to Quinlan Vos from Star Wars (Vintage)

  1. zedhatch on February 7, 2012 at 9:29 am

    Vis has a very strange and odd history in the SW franchise, he really makes a great deal of appearences in the EU comics (at one point he goes undercover as a Sith apprentace of Dooku even). He has also been in the CW cartoon.

    He’s had 3 other releases (2 in the old comic packs, both of which were less than stellar) and one other time in the CW line (which I never could find of course). This is the best to date that I have seen though, and if you keep up with EU he is a must have figure. However the funny thing is that he doesn’t appear in TPM (Unless he is added somewhere for the 3-D release, I’m not sure on that) so him being in the TPM line is odd to say the least.

    • Jason on February 7, 2012 at 9:34 am

      Thanks for the intel, Zed! I forgot all about the comic pack one, I knew about the Clone Wars release, even saw it a few times, but didn’t like the animated human look, so I didn’t even bother with it.