Cheetara from Thundercats (6″)

February 7, 2012

The Thundercats make another appearance on CardedHeroes. This time, we’re looking at a character that we looked at a couple weeks ago, but this time we’re going in a larger scale. Now, here for your viewing pleasure, is the 6″ Cheetara!

When I reviewed the 4″ Cheetara, it seemed that they’d gotten the look down, but the functionality of the figure was almost non-existant.  Her hips had horrible double swivel joints, the head couldn’t swivel at all, the torso couldn’t move and the the hair had a big freaking brown square in the middle of it.  In looking at the 6″ version of the character, though, it seems like they tried to make up for all of that.  Articulation has improved greatly all around, and detailed enhancements were added to improve the figure.

Unfortunately, one of the things that the 4″ figure got right that the 6″ figure got wrong was on her face.  The 4″ Cheetara had a nice, crisp face, but the 6″ Cheetara is missing something around the eyes to separate the pink around the eyes from the rest of the yellow skin.  I really wish they would have put black or brown for the eyebrows and eyelashes or maybe given the eyes a dark border to define the outline of the eyes better.  Other than that, the head is great.  The hair, though, is HUGE.  It’s made of a harder plastic and doesn’t give much, but you can still rotate the head a bit from side to side.  The torso is now articulated under the bustier to provide swivel movement.  The popped up collar and sleeves are nice, and both add a little depth to the figure’s upper torso, and the sleeves this time around are part of the body mold instead of the shoulder mold.  The arms have the ball joint/swivel combo joint that provides an excellent range of motion.  In what’s a bit of a head scratcher, though, they decided to not have the swivel on the bicep that the 4″ arms had.  This really restricts arm movement a ton, and is a real bummer.  The elbows have a simple hinge joint that has 90 degree motion.  The arms are on posts, so you can swivel the wrists as well as being able to wiggle them some degree.  The big articulation upgrade for the figure is in the hips.  They allow for side motion and front and back motion.  The upper thighs have a swivel joint, which is hidden by the upper leg muscle.  The knees and ankles have hinge joints, and the feet have rockers to allow advanced positioning of the feet.

One of the “What the??” aspects of the figure is that the joint connectors are all in a black plastic.  Why, BANDAI, WHY?!?  They joints very obviously stick out, but, after a while of looking at it, that flaw grew to where I didn’t notice it as much.  It’s still dumb. And if Bandai’s listening, please, for the love of God, please make connectors the same color as the plastic that surrounds it.  She has three dots on her hair and shoulders, which serve to break up an otherwise flat paint scheme. Aside from the connectors, the rest of the paint apps are pretty well done (minus the eyes as mentioned above).

The 6″ Cheetara comes with the same accessory as the 4″ figure, but this staff is larger and is detailed with an emblem in the middle of it.  This staff is a more solid piece, as it’s thicker, and doesn’t bend as easily.  She’s able to firmly hold it in either hand, and, despite missing the swivel bicep, you’re able to hold it in some dynamic poses with both hands.

There are a couple issues with the figure, one cosmetic and the other structural, but they don’t ruin the figure. Of all the figures I’ve gotten in the line, I’d say that the 6″ Cheetara is probably the second favorite of the whole line.  If you see her in the 6″ and are a collector, she’s a must.  She’s also a great representative of the line if you’re looking at getting a figure or two.

Great figure, pick her up!







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