Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars: The Clone Wars

February 29, 2012

The young Padawan of Anakin Skywalker is growing up before our eyes on the Clone Wars. As she’s aged, she’s got an older figure out on shelves. Up for review is Ahsoka Tano (v3)!

At least, I think it’s version three. I don’t know, it’s easy to lose count with all the repacks and repaints that the Hasbro/Star Wars 1-2 punch delivers at times, but I believe this is the third version. It’s interesting, as you can definitely see an aging of the character, much like Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, these are the three figures that off memory have shown to age in their action figures (sure, I guess you can count Luke and Leia’s baby figures, too…). The head is given a less rounded look to it so it looks less “childlike”, the eyes are looking smaller, and her head tails are looking longer. The face tattooes are nice and clean. The blue stripes on her white head are a touch blurry at times, not as clean as they should be, but give a good colorful presentation nevertheless. The greens that surround her forhead have a slight sheen to them, but ultimately kind of lose the color at a distance. She has two chords that go over her head and onto the back. She wears a more mature open-back, sleeveless  minidress with a hole in the dress over the chest, much like Power Girl. This being the animated line, it’s not heavily into details, and it shows as there are no folds or wrinkles in the outfit at all. There are straps over the biceps, and guantlets over the forearms and hands. She has a cloth skirt that goes halfway down her thighs. Overtop of her skirt, is a plastic belt that has two loops criss-crossing over each other in front of the figure, with a decorative sash dropping off of the intersection. Her pants go down to her calf muscles, where on the sides, diamonds are cut in the pants going down the legs, showing her bare skin. She has brown boots with thin shin guards strapped onto the boots with gold straps.

Ahsoka has a ball jointed head that allows for side-to-side motion, as well as up and down motion. Her head tails do prohibit some movement, however, and it’s relatively easy to pop her head off (Don’t worry, it’s easy to pop it back on, as well), so watch how you position her, as she has three tails that prohibit clean movement. Her shoulders, elbows and knees all have ball-hinged joints that allow for free reign of movement. She has a swivel joint at her stomach, that allows for easy twisting motion. Finally, she has the t-crotch that allows the leg to swing forward and back.

For accessories, she’s loaded to the hilt, in terms of Jedi, anyways. She’s double packing green lightsabers, a shorter and a longer bladed saber. She also has the unlit versions, both of which can be stored on her dual belt. The sabers are unique to each other, which is a nice treat. She has a pistol grip in one hand, so that does leave a bit of an open grip, but she still holds the sabers quite well.

In comparison to her earlier figure, this is an upgrade in looks, anyways. It’s a better looking design, and with the dual-wielding lightsabers, she’s more interesting. If you stick to only Clone Wars type figures, this is definitely the figure to get over the original, as well as the space suit version. However, if you like the more realistic versions of Star Wars figures, there will be a more realistic version coming out soon, as unvieled at Toy Fair 2012. I, for one, will be getting that figure, as I like the realistic more than the animated looking figures.







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