Adora from Masters of the Universe Classics

February 10, 2012

One of the most impressive, not to mention pain in the ass, lines out currently is the Masters of the Universe Classics line.  One of the greats in the line is Adora, the twin sister of Prince Adam. 

I tried to resist this line, I did a pretty good job of it, too. There have been tons of horror stories from this line, it helped the cause. But when they started tossing out some of my favorites like Man-At-Arms and Tri-Klops, I couldn’t help but take the chance. One figure that made it’s debut with the Classics line is She-Ra’s alter ego, Adora. The equivalent of Prince Adam in the world of Masters of the Universe, she’s not as extravagant as her alter-ego, but the figure is pretty spot-on to the look of the figure in the cartoon.  She’s got a retro-futuristic space traveler look to her.  Simplistic, but awesome at the same time.  The well detailed blonde hair frames a gorgeous sculpted face. The hair rolls over the shoulder and onto her back.  She has a basic light gray shirt under a red skirt…uh…thingy.  The undershirt goes halfway up her neck. There’s no seam, so the paint just changes from shirt to neck.  The undershirt sleeves go down under the gauntlets. The gauntlets are pretty basic, with lines detailed into the inner part of the gauntlet and at the back. The red mini-dress (?? I don’t know…) is simplistic. The front has a zipper that goes down to the belt line. She has brown straps on the dress’s straps that go over the collar bone. On the back, is a molded-in strap to hold the sword. She has two belts, a black belt molded onto the red shirt thing, and a second black one that has another gold buckle, and has a gun holster. The black holster has a decoration on it, and gold lining that goes around it. No pants, so the bare legs are streamlined.  Folded over boots finish off the figure.

That big, well detailed hair of hers also prohibits her neck articulation.  Her head sits on a ball joint, but with the hair being that hard plastic, at best, you’re going to get a good wiggle each way. Her shoulders have ball joints with swivels at the upper bicep.  Even though the red mini-dress thing has the start of sleeves that crest over the shoulder, they don’t ruin the joint. The elbows have a hinge joint that allows for for 90 degree motion. The wrists have swivels that have unhindered motion. The torso has a joint on it that will allow swivelling and some tilting. Due to the red top she has on, she can’t maintain that pose. The hips have ball joints, and the upper thigh has a swivel, both of which are concealed by the skirt. The knee joint is a simple hinge joint, which I think is for the best.  If they had a ball joint, I think it would have messed up the visual asthetic.  The articulation ends with the hinge ankles, followed by rockers on the feet, to allow sway of the feet.

Adora comes with a pair of accessories, a sword and retro-futuristic laser pistol. The sword has the iconic look, and has blue transparent jewels on each side of it. The sword is nice, she’s able to easily hold it with one or both hands. The sword can also be held by the strap in the back of the outer shirt. What I think is more interesting of the two, the laser pistol is highly detailed, and has that neo-futuristic look that you saw in the classic sci-fi movies. The gun has some gold highlights painted on, with what I assume are buttons, the gun sight, and what could be part of the  chamber. It can rest snugly in the holster.

Even as simplistic has she is, it’s still a sleek and sharp looking figure. I couldn’t possibly think of how they could do this figure to look more like the animated version of the character. As a premium figure, because there’s little to no way you’re going to be paying less than about $30 for this figure (shipping included), she’s a bit steep. There is a LOT more you can get for that amount of money, but she is a nice figure.  If you’re a fan of the line the cartoons, she’s a must.  If you like action figures in general, she’s got great posability and a nice, sleek look to her.  If you can find her at what you feel is a decent price, pull the trigger.

Maybe it’s just a red shirt and a red skirt??  I don’t know…

NOTE: Pictures were taken with the holster belt posed backwards. It’s how she came in the package.







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