Wilykat and Wilykit from Thundercats

January 19, 2012

As the week of the Thundercats continues, we look at the last 4″ class figure of the week, by instead looking at a pair of figures. Up for review now is the brother and sister duo of Wilykat and Wilykit.

I’ll tell you right now, these figures are form, not function.  These figures look the part, they are well sculpted figures, but Bandai doesn’t even bother with putting articulation on them.  Wilykat has the trademark double pointed hair styles, while Wilykit has a ponytail on the top of her head.  Neither of the hair is textured, although different parts of Wilykat’s hair is segmented up.  Wileykat’s outfit is much more tactical, with a black bodysuit and a gold-yellow tunic, covered in green pouches and satchels.  The Thundercats logo is on his utility belt.  The rest of his outfit is a mish-mash of parts, he has a short sleeve on the right arm, a bracelet on same arm, and a glove on the left hand.  Wilykat has brown and yellow stirrups to finish the figure.  Wilykit has a purple streak going down the middle of her hair, much like the original had a black streak.  Wilykit’s outfit is more along the lines of a cheerleader outfit than warrior, with a single-sleeved half-top shirt (…yeah, had to ask the wife what those were called…) that’s purple with an orange trim.  For whatever reason, even though the trim is sculpted in, it’s not painted on the back side.  She has an orange skirt with purple pouches, with the Thundercats logo on the skirt.  She has a gold arm band on her left arm, with a purple gauntlet on her right hand.  She has purple with orange trimmed leggings to finish her look.  And here’s where it gets weird.  They have tails.  They’re the only Thundercats that I know of that have tails.  Do they lose them when they get older?  Who knows…Wilykat’s tail is the color of the light color of his hair, while Wilykit’s is the color of her paws.  Bandai finally tried to fully integrate the Lynx tab on these figures moreso than any of the others.  Each of their Lynx is molded as a pouch, but the color it’s in is a little less than diserable.  Kat’s is the goldish yellow of his tunic, and Kit’s is the color of her tail.  If they had colored the tabs the same as the rest of the pouches, I was have been pretty  happy with them, but at least they have some integration to them, instead of just being squares jutting out from the figure.

As for articulation on these figures, you’re looking at three points per figure, all of which are swivel joints.  The heads can freely turn left and right, and each arm can raise and lower.  That’s it.  I know with these smaller figures, it may be a challenge to get too crazy with articulation points, but come on, man…  No swivel waist or wrists?  You’re basically looking at “staction figures” once again.

I think they tried to make up for the lack of articulation points by adding huge, identical, transforming skate boards to each of the kids.  Yeah, I dunno…that’s my only guess as to why they’re in there.  I would have much rather had the two packed in with each other.  Each board has a peg that connects into a port at the bottom of the tails. Other than the boards, the kids have specific accessories.  Wilykit comes with her circle flute thing that was in the cartoon episode’s pilot.  Wilykat comes with two metal claws that attach to his hands.

If you’re only looking at it in terms of an action figure, neither of these really would do the trick for you.  The poor articulation ruins well sculpted figures. They look good, and they look true to source, but as action figures go, they’re the weakest of links.  That said, if you’re a Thundercats fan, especially a fan of a the new series, you need to go ahead and pick these up. The nice sculpting fits in with the rest of the 4″ series.  Hopefully, they will at some time or another repackage them together, and then the price would be worth it.  As it is, even as a fan, they’re a bit overpriced for what they are.








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