Venom from the Spiderman 3 movie line

January 6, 2012

Ending the week of Foes of Spiderman, we get the one, the only, the big nasty Venom! Taking it back a couple years, we’ll look at the 5″ Venom from the Hasbro Spiderman 3 movie line.  I know, I know.  Strap in, as we take it home, and end our first theme week, looking at Venom…

Let’s get it out of the way right now, so we can move past it.  Quick, what’s the first thing that pops into your head when you think of Venom?  Black Spiderman, right?  Righ…no.  Well, in this case.  For some reason unbeknownst to me, the first Venom that they put out in the Spiderman 3 Movie line, instead of black, they made him PURPLE.  I mean…it’s kind of a darkish purple…maybe?  He could be the Colorado Rockie’s team mascot kind of purple.  There.  It is what it is.  He’s purple.  If anyone knows WHY they decided to make him purple, please feel free to let me, let us know.

So, getting past the purple thing…  The Venom is a decent take on the classic villian.  It’s a stretch, sure.  It’s a bit over-stylized compared to what we’re used to.  I mean, seriously, at most, it’s a bigger, crazier looking Spiderman in black with a white spider on his chest.  What we have here, over the purple outfit, is a mix of a gray spider and gray webbing texture over the torso, arms, lower legs and feet. On the thighs is a textured print much like the Spiderman outfit.  Overall, the figure is a nice clean figure, that could be used for a muscular Spider-Man.  Usually, Venom has a bit of a monsterous quality to him.  That comes in at the head.  The long, jagged eyes are only outdone by the huge,  overexaggerated mouth and elongated tongue.  The mouth is lined with dozens of sharp teeth enhancing the monster that is Venom.  It gets interesting on the sides, where the symbiote it stressed and stretched to enhance the opened mouth, making the mouth go all the way back to the top of his head.

In points of articulation, the head rests on a ball joint that allows side to side movement, as well as being able to look up a few degrees.  The shoulders have ball joints the give full movement.  The chest does prohibit some of the shoulder’s movement.  The elbows have a double hinge point, which allows for good movement. The wrists swivel as well. What’s highly unfortunate is that the bicep nor the elbow has a swivel joint to allow for sideways movement.  It would be a lot more fun of a figure if he could get his arms to rotate in to grasp another figure.  The hips have a limited ball joint.  I say limited, as the mold of the thighs and the hips prevent full movement.  The thigh can swivel, as well as rotate perpendicular to the body.  What makes up for the limited hip movement is an odd knee joint.  The ball of the joint is above the kneecap, resting inside the bottom of the thigh.  At the bottom of the knee joint is a hinge for the lower knee.  The ball of the knee joint can swivel as well as rotate back and forth.  It is a bit of an odd joint, I know that the Spiderman from this series also has the joint, but I’m not sure if others have it, as well.  Are there any other lines that have this joint?  I’m unaware if so.

The accessory for Venom is is a black pearl-ish web that can be used to wrap around his prey.  It’s a soft plastic, that has hooks for latches.  As a gimmick, eh, it’s better than some oversized springloaded weapon or something.  It’s kind of neat, and something that doesn’t get in the way of the actual figure. And, yeah, it could be used, sure.  If you have a dio set up, you could use it as a prop easy enough, I’d think.

Even in comparison to the 5″ Spiderman from the line, he’s larger than Spiderman, but in scale.  In comparison to the 1:18th scale Spiderman, he’s a huge monster.  I kind of like it that way, a human that’s been all stretched and contorted by the Symbiote.  I always pictured the Venom as a large, dark creature that terrorizes our favorite Web Slinger.  Once you get past the fact that he’s purple, it’s not a bad figure.  The biggest issue I have is that the left out any kind of swivel feature on the arms.  The silver webbing on the outfit was unneeded, I’m sure it was to break up the monotony of an all blackpurple suit.  If I remember right, they later released a black version of this figure.  If you’re held up on the color, go track that down.  But this figure, as Venom, is a pretty solid figure.  It’s a Hollywood change of a character, but it’s a solid figure.  There are so many different versions of Venom out there, both current and in the past, so it’s not hard to find a true to your favorite appearance of the big black boogeyman.













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