Panthro from Thundercats (4″)

January 18, 2012

The week of the Thundercats continues, now taking a look at Panthro in the 4″ scale. Let’s check out how the newly designed Panthro translates into an action figure.

Filling the role of ‘strong guy’ of the group is the Thundercats’ Panthro. A massive figure in terms of scale, I also think he ventures furthest from his original look in the 80′s. Gone is the greyish/greyish-blue body, and is replaced with a purple and a light purple skin.  The bald look has gone and is replaced with hair pulled back into a ponytail and is given muttonchops.  His chest and arms are all cut up from battle damage.  The blue leotard is replaced (thankfully…) by a vest and pants.  The small head of Panthro has a cut over the eye (which is faintly cut into the mold of the figure) to further the battle-damaged look.  The eyes, once again, are applied on, and not detailed in the sculpt of the figure. As previously mentioned, Panthro now has hair, and has some muttonchops framing in the light purple face.  The hair is tied back in a knot to give a stylized look.  The hair is jagged against the head sculpt, but is slick and undetailed overall.  The face is an unimpressed, tired looking face with a flat mouth.  The bulky chest is heavy on the musculature, and a scar cut into the mold right across the chest.  The leotard straps are replaced by the vest, but the familiar spikes are still present (nice touch there…), going up the fronts of the vest much like the original had on his straps.  The huge arms are simplistic, but still detailed with thick muscles.  Scars adorn each shoulder, breaking up an otherwise unremarkable upper arms.  The lower arms have sweet metal studded gauntlets, connected to huge hands. The silver  Thundercats logoed belt is much like Lion-O’s. Panthro is sporting glossy black pants, with brown metal studded shin guards going down over the feet.  The legs look puny in comparison to the huge arms. If I didn’t know any better, as top-heavy as the figure is, I’d say he was part gorilla, not cat.

The articulation on this figure is limited.  It ranges from nice range of movement to MY GOD WHY.  The neck has the standard swivel point, and has an unrestricted range of motion.  The shoulders have the ball joint, and has unhindered movement.  The elbows have a straight pinned hinge joint, allowing for just under 90 degree motion.  There’s a swivel just after the elbow joint on the lower arm portion, where to glove connects to the arm. Again, I’m not really sure why they went this path, but once again, there is swivel to allow the arms to cross over the body.  If they didn’t do it for Cheetara, I’d be fine with it, and just accept it part of the line.  But these figures could really profit from some sort of upper swivel joint.  Once again, there’s no waist joint, his body is forever stuck forward.  Now we get to the why…  The hips have a ball hip with a swivel at the connection of the ball.  That’s all well and good.  Hell, that’s nice.  Here’s the problem…  The lower legs are LINKED!!  And by linked, I mean, if you move one leg forward, the other moves forward as well.  Seriously, who, in current lines, does this?  WHY do this??  I thought mine were just stuck, but I’ve been working on this figure for nearly a week to break loose, and it’s just not happening.  I can’t believe they did that.  With the upper body mass that he has, leg positioning is important, too important for something like that. The articulation continues with the knees having pinned hinges that has 90 degree movement. There is a swivel where the shin guard starts, and the joints end with a pinned hinge on the ankles.

The paint apps on the figure is nice and clean.  There’s one error on the eyebrow, but other than that, they’re nice and clean.  The logo is clean and crisp, and the red really pops against the silver of the belt and black of the pants.  The scars are the same color as the chest and face, which kind of removes the effect of the chest scar, with it being the same color.  The metal studs on the back of the vest are uncolored, but all others, on the chest, gauntlets, and shin guards are all painted.

The accessories are a pair of nunchuks, one folded with a tab, the other fully extended. The nunchuks have the clawed hands on them similar to the vintage figures. The folded nunchuks has a tab that you can place on the back of the figure’s waist, for storage. The fully extended ones fit somewhat loosely in the hands, but do fit.  The plastic is soft enough to be folded to allow two-handed positioning. The Lynx on the back of the figure is a small square jutting off of the vest. It doesn’t look terribly out of place, but there are two holes off to the sides of it that make it stick out more than it has to.

All in all, it’s a nice figure. The lack of swivel on the upper arms is a definite bummer, but the linked legs is just a head scratcher.  I think he looks the most anime-ish of the figures, kind of the stereotype for the stoic strong guy.  In terms of the line, I think he’s a strong contender for one of the better figures, but as a figure itself, it’s a solid figure.







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