Mumm-Ra from Thundercats (6″ Vintage)

January 20, 2012

Ending the week of Thundercats, the best way we can end it is look at the the main villain himself, the ever-living, Mumm-Ra!!

In addition to the the newly designed Thundercat line, Bandai has also treated us to vintage figures as well.  Initially vintage figures were launched in a huge 8″ scale figure, they later (currently) put out some vintage figures in a 6″ scale. If Mumm-Ra is any evidence for the rest of the line, I really feel like these are the figures that the vintage fans have been waiting for.

The thing that really makes this figure is the head/helmet of the figure.  The headdress of Mumm-Ra really is nicely put together, with the twin snakes and the flowing red and black ribbons on the back.  The red eyes are surrounded by white textured rings. The snarl is well detailed all over the jaw, and the wide opened mouth with sharp teeth exposed is well painted.  The ornament/nose guard is a permanently attached separate piece, and makes the helmet as a whole look awesome.  The torso is a stocky build, but nicely detailed, minus the necklaces.  He has two necklaces that for whatever reason, they are rough in both paint apps and sculpting, really sticking out from what else is a nice, clean figure.  Mumm-Ra’s logo is placed on his chest, and it really sticks out against his grayish-green skin.  For the most part, Mumm-Ra is nude, with his only real ‘clothing’ is his red and black wrap.  With a white tied belt, and gold trim, the wrap has folds and creases to give it some depth.  He has a gold arm band around his right arm, and gold spiked bracelets on both wrists.  Mumm-Ra’s outfit is finished off with detailed gold shin guards that flow over the feet to hide the ankle joints.  The hands and feet are full of withered, clawed fingers and toes, to give the figure a demonic look to him.

The articulation points aren’t overly excessive for a figure in this scale, but they are adequate.  The head is posted on a ball, with the ability to look up and side to side.  The sculpting prevents him from looking down.  The shoulders have a combination ball joint/swivel at the bicep to give great range of motion.  The elbows are pinned hinges that give full 90 degree motion.  The hands are on posts that allow swivel in addition to some wiggle side to side and up and down. There’s a joint at the waist that allows for swivel action, as well as bending side to side as well as to the front and back. The hips have a sockets that allow for a good range of motion, but is hindered by his wrap.  There’s a swivel joint on his thigh, that incorporates his upper leg muscle to help cover the joint.  The knees have a single point hinge joint that uses the knee to help it look more natural.  There’s an additional swivel point at the top of the shin guard, that, honestly, I didn’t even notice until just now.  The most advanced joints on the figure is on the ankle, with a pinned joint attached to rockers on the feet that allow for side-to-side adjusting.

In terms of accessories, you’re given a pair of extra hands and two strips of posed bandages.  The bandages are pre-formed to drap around and over the figure.  Two holes in the back of the figure link up to two posts on the bandages.  That allows the bandages to stay secured on the figure.  The hands, as previously mentioned, sit on a post.  The exchange between different hand combinations is simple and easy, yet the posts keep the hands firmly where you position them.  I’m curious how those will last over time, but it’s a okay addition to the figure.

The first thought is to compare these to the Masters of the Universe Classics line.  It’s easy enough to do.  I suppose it fits well enough, but honestly, if I were to compare them to something, I’d almost compare them to the DC Universe Classics in terms of scale and build.  I have to say, I love the figure.  I never had Mumm-Ra when I was a kid, and always wanted him.  I’m more than happy with having this figure instead, as I believe that they took the original, and upgraded the figure in terms of build, but kept the same vintage look to him.  I love the head sculpt, the snap-on bandages look really great, and you can have some fun with posing, and overall a simplistic figure really nails the goal of the whole “vintage is new again” craze in toys.  You see him and/or Lion-O, and you’re on the fence, get them.  You won’t be disappointed.








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