Hobgoblin from Marvel Universe

January 4, 2012

Spiderman’s foes continue to haunt Carded Heroes, and this time, Hobgoblin from Marvel Universe gets the spotlight.  So how did this second pumpkin-throwing villain add up in plastic form?  See below for the scoop!

If there’s two villains that Spiderman specializes in, it’s animal-themed villains and goblin-themed villains.  And with goblin-themed bad guys, they all have desires to launch explosive pumpkins.  Naturally.  The Hobgoblin is, what, the third -Goblin reindition to face Spiderman?  Unlike the green and purple of the other goblins, Hobgoblin is in orange and blue, but otherwise same motif.  But hey, he has a cape!  So that makes him totally different.  But, seriously, if you have the Green Goblin, you can read the next paragraph and just look at the pictures.  Otherwise, you can read on afterwards.

The main difference in Hobgoblin, color aside, is the head.  I do like this head as a “Goblin”, as it looks more ghoulish, than the Green Goblin’s impish face.  The pale yellow skin looks great for what it is, a monstrous villain.  Hobgoblin has a cockeyed eyebrow with solid red eyes.  I see what they were going for, it just comes off a little…goofy.  The cape he comes with is short, but it’s a hard plastic.  It doesn’t prevent movement in the legs, but the arms are restricted from some movement, and the collar doesn’t sit right around his neck on his shoulders.

The rest of the figure of Hobgoblin is just a repaint of the Green Goblin…which, I guess really, kind of makes sense.  The edges of the shirt, gloves and boots are frayed and tattered, which helps sells the figure.  On the figure’s left on his chest is a stitch as if his chest was pierced, and is mirrored on the right side with a larger stitch mark.  The boots of the figure has the pointed up toe to give it the imp/elf look to it.  The orange gloves and boots are given a slight black wash to make the creases and folds more depth.  The torso does not share the same wash, however.  On the figures’ arms and legs is a textured blue bodysuit which has both highlighted spots as well a black wash.  At least it’s not just arms and legs in tights, right?

The Hobgoblin has the standard set of Marvel Universe points of articulation to it.  The ball jointed shoulders and swivel at the biceps allow for full range of motion, but movement is limited if you keep the cape on him.    The elbows have a hinge joint, and the wrists allow for swivel movement.  The torso has twisting motion as well as it’s able to slide pretty easily from side to side.  The hips have the standard hip motion that provides a wide range of motion.  But be warned, The legs tend to pop off pretty easily as the legs are made of a soft plastic.  They go back on easy enough, but it’s an annoyance that you’ll have to deal with in posing.  The legs have a double knee joint, and the ankle has the ball joint.  Pretty much standard operating procedures in terms of articulation of the Marvel Universe line.  Unfortunately, with my figure, the joints on the legs were loose, preventing me from posing him much.

Hobgoblin has a cape, an green exploding pumpkin, a satchel, and a flying glider.  The left hand has a post hole for the exploding pumpkin to attach to.  That’s the only way he can hold the pumkin.  Oh, and, the pumpkin is kind of small, so you need to keep track of it, or it’ll be long gone.  The glider surprisingly doesn’t have foot pegs to fix Hobgoblin to it.  The glider does have hoops for the feet to go through, and it does hold the figure relatively well.  I don’t have a whole lot of experience with the character per se, so I don’t know what the satchel is for.  Holding more pumpkins?  Is he a purse bandit?  Is it a man-purse?  I do not know…

While the figure does have a full range of motion, I can’t really get excited for it.  The loose joints and heavy cape doesn’t allow for the Hobgoblin to stand very well, which, pretty much kills it for me.  If you have Green Goblin, eh, I can’t imagine you need Hobgoblin.  Unless you’re a fan of the character, then, by all means, but I wouldn’t go out of my way for the figure.







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