Cheetara from Thundercats (4″)

January 17, 2012

Thundercats week continues, as we take a look at the team’s token female fighter, Cheetara.  We’ll be looking at the 4″ version today. 

I admit, this is one of the figures I was most looking forward to.  I liked the look of the character, and always dug the original Cheetara from the vintage line.  And was she a pain to find.  When I did, I was pretty pleased with myself, as she looked AWESOME in the package and just like her cartoon version.  Stylized and unique, I was pretty impressed with the figure.  And then I opened the package up.

I can say that the magic was over as soon as I opened her up.  Granted, she still LOOKED good, but the figure was less ‘action’ and more ‘statue’.  Her long and flowing hair was great looking with parts falling over her face, sticking straight up, and layered with detail on the back.  A big solid piece, the hair flowed down to the small of her back.  Out of place and sticking out, the brown squared Lynx gimmick was right in the middle of her hair.  Maybe write it off as a hair barrette?  Yeah…not so much.  The top of the hair has three brown dots on each side.  Like Lion-O, her eyes are not sculpted detail, but applied on.  She has pink eye shadow-makeup-detail that surrounds the eyes, and really gives that Cheetara look to the face.  Her outfit is a shirt that goes down just under her cleavage, with the Thundercats icon in the middle of the chest.  The popped up collar gives the animated look, but still looks nice as a look.  The exposed stomach is two-tone goldish yellow and cream, with stomach muscles sculpted on.  The arms have popped up pointed sleeves that stop at the shoulders.  The arms are the goldish yellow, with brown gauntlets revealing cream colored hands. Cheetara has light brown pants with a darker brown trim, with thigh-high boots.  Her boots are the darker brown with yellow detailing.  The darker brown continues onto the feet to create spats much like Lion-O had.

What we’re looking at here is a glorified cheap 4″ statue.  She looks great.  But she can’t move worth a crap.  Remember the Lynx thing that’s sticking out from the back, stuck in her hair?  Well, that prevents the head from moving.  At. ALL.  So, we’re down one joint (although it is articulated, you just can’t move it).  There is no waist or torso joint.  So she can’t look sideways, even using a full body twist.  Two joints down.  Her shoulders have a ball joint that allow for twisting as well as perpendicular movement from the body.  Great, right?  Eh, somewhat.  Remember those sleeves I spoke of?  They prevent full motion.  The arms can only go almost 45 degrees out from the joint.  What IS great is that they put a swivel joint on her upper arm, about halfway between the elbow and shoulder.  This allows for some great movement of the arms.  The elbow finishes up the arm joints with a pinned hinge joint.  A true shame, she has no wrist articulation at all, not allowing for any good positioning with her weapon.  The hip joints have a dreaded double swivel joint, which is junk.  It makes positioning a bit of a bear, as you have to move it just right to have the legs positioned, but even when you do, her hips look all screwed up.  What’s even more cruddy, is that they have a THIRD swivel joint just below the second.  So in the span of about a half inch on either thigh, we have three swivel joints.  Not a fan.  They truly make positioning near impossible.  So much so, I couldn’t really get too many poses from the figure.  The joints finish at the knees with pin-hinged knee joints.

Cheetara’s accessory is a staff, which is pretty bland minus some thin wood grain lines.  The staff is extremely flexible plastic, which basically means you’ll rarely have a straight staff, mine was warped in the packaged, and I still have yet to be able to straighten it out.  With the hands as they are, it’s nearly impossible for her to hold a staff two-handed.  She can have some decent one handed poses, but that’s about it.

I REALLY wanted this figure to be top-notch.  I REALLY wanted to love this figure. I think they nailed the look of the figure, you just can’t do anything with her.  If you pose your figures in standing formation, I say get her, as she’d look good just standing there.  But if you like to pose, play or use figures in any way, this figure isn’t for you.  As I said, you’ll looking at a cheap plastic statue, for all intents and purposes.








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