Cato Parasitti from Star Wars: The Clone Wars

January 13, 2012

To end the week, we’ll be going back to Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and taking a look at Cato Parisitti, an alien “changeling” who goes up against the Jedi order.  How does this figure check out?

As the Clone Wars figures have a thin, animated look to the figures, I usually give robots and aliens a pass.  I figure, aliens can look like anything, so sure, maybe they have a disproportionate, somewhat exaggerated look to them.  I wouldn’t say that look is prevalent with Cato, but, that’s the beauty of aliens, you don’t know.  As long as the composition of the figure works, I’m good with it.  And with Cato, I think the style flows, and the overall look of her is a humanoid alien that could fit in either “realistic” figure lines or more “animated” ones.  The first thing you notice about Cato is her visor.  Some of them came packaged with her visor up, some with her visor down.  I assume just to perturb Mint on Card collectors.  With her visor up, it’s firmly in place, and even shaking her, it doesn’t shake down over her head.  With her visor down, you can see her reptilish alien eyes peering through the smokey textured translucent purple lens.  The silver visor is decorated with green designs in between the eyes.  A unique look, the visor down looks great and fits extremely well over the head, and doesn’t look terribly large over the head (if you account for the fact that her head is slightly larger).  Under the visor, you have a great reptilian-esque head with large yellow and red eyes.  Details are thorough, as the skin is receding back against her bone structure.  The details are brought out by a dark green wash.

The body is extremely thin in terms of torso and limbs.  She has a unique silver breastplate/backpack that’s sculpted on and adorned with alien writing and designs.  There are two antennae sticking up just behind her collar bone that looks pretty cool and gives the figure some depth.  The lower torso has nicely sculpted belts with small packs on her sides that are removable. On that note, be careful with those two packs, as one of mine keeps popping off.  The arms are covered in silver armor pieces, with the upper armor having the alien designs on them. The upper thighs have no armor, but they have a nice design of alien writing going down the right leg. The lower legs have shin guards that go down and protect the top part of the feet.

The articulation is about all you can ask for in a Star Wars figure.  Her head has a ball joint that has unhindered movement.  The neck is out at an angle, so you can’t so much make her look up, but she can look down.  As I mentioned, the visor can move up and down, staying firm in whatever position you have it in.  The shoulders have ball joints that are somewhat restricted by the upper arm armor.  You can lift the arm perpendicular to the body, but that’s it, which, I’m not sure if you would need more than that anyways.  The elbows have a ball joint-swivel joint that allows for full range of motion.  Finally, the wrists have a swivel joint to end the arm articulation.  The torso has a joint that allows side to side and swivel action.  This joint was kind of loose on mine, but she can hold most of the poses.  She has a T-Crotch, which limits the hips to forward and backward motion.  The knees share the same joint as the elbows, and it has unrestricted movement.  The ankles have a ball joint, but the shin guards somewhat limit that movement.

Cato comes with one lone weapon, a long sniper rifle.  It’s not overly detailed, but it gets the point across.  The scope looks nice, and what’s interesting is that they have large loopholes that can be used for a strap.  Odd they made these huge loops and gave no string for it.  The loops are out of scale with the gun, so you’d think that if it was ‘just for pretend’, that they’d make them in scale with the gun.  She can hold it in an aiming pose, which is a huge plus.

I like the figure a lot.  From the flip down visor, the detailed lizard face, to the alien paint apps on the armor, it’s a finely detailed figure.  Ball jointed hips would have made this figure awesome, but even with the T-crotch, she’s definitely a cool figure.  If you can still find her around, pick her up.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.








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