Staff Strike Sif from the Thor Movie series

December 15, 2011

There’s nothing more aggravating than a movie line that has great looking figures…in the later waves. You know, that, at best, have limited distribution because no stores want to buy any more seeing has how there’s 40 of the main character still hanging out on the pegs?  Yeah.  Them.  Well, here’s one of them.  Let’s take a look at Sif, shall we?

It truly rattles the brain why, in every movie line, they wait until the later waves to put in some of the more diversified characters in the line.  The later lines are where they’re finally able to throw bones to the source, or get characters that the movie isn’t titled after.  Staff Strike Sif is one of those figures.  Popping up randomly in locations, your only sure-fire way to get her is eBay (guilty).  More limited is Heimdall, but he’s out there…somewhere.  Sif is a wonderfully detailed figures, from pieces of armor to folds of sculpted fabric.  Even her head sculpt is well done.  There was a small paint app error where the eyebrow wasn’t completely painted, and I think if it was done correctly, I think it would spot on.

One of the things I like is the sculpted on hood, it drapes over her shoulders and rests on her back.  The chest is …oddly unarmored, but it gives her a unique look.  She has armor on the sides of her chest, and has pieces of gold and silver colored armor on her stomach.  The paint job is well done and clean, and really sells the effect of armor.  The right arm has bracelets to break up an otherwise boring gray arm.  The elbow joints on Sif are small, and they were extremely tight.  I was afraid I was going to break the arm just trying to move the lower arm.  Eventually, it worked and got loose, but you might want to be careful with it.  Maybe I just got a tight one and they’re normally a little more loose, but be careful, just the same.

Speaking of moving parts, Sif has normal articulation with the rest of the line.  I was surprised to find she had wrist articulation.  I don’t know if it just looked like she didn’t or what, but it’s a nice hidden joint.  Her armor separates her chest from stomach, so the joint there looks pretty natural.  She has the ball hips, so you have to move it right to move the leg how you want it.  What doesn’t help is that she has a stiff plastic tunic that, while it does give some, it prevents a wider range of movement.   her jacket is a softer plastic and has some give, but affects the posing.  The hood that I mentioned above drapes over her shoulders, so that takes away, but only a small amount.

Her accessories are a sword and staff.  Both weapons are made of really soft plastic, so they are going to be bent and bowed, which is a shame.  The two handed sword is really nice looking, and the staff is unique.  I’ve had issue getting both hands on either weapon, but it is kind of possible.

Any issues that Sif has is really due to the detail and intricacy of her design.  She could have full range of motion, but I honestly like the overhang of the tunic and jacket more.  She really is a sharp looking figure, that makes a good addition, if not to your Thor movie line, to your Marvel line.





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