Barriss Offee from Star Wars (Vintage line)

December 13, 2011

This year brought out many different figures in the “new” vintage line.  One of the more challenging to find was Barriss Offee, a “near-human” alien.  The best place to find her was Ebay, but I was fortunate enough to find one of her.  So, now that I have her, what’s the verdict?

Honestly, Barriss is a nicely sculpted figure.  A mixture of plastic and fabric form up a pretty decent looking figure.  I honestly don’t know why it’s so hard for Hasbro’s G.I. Joe team to sculpt a decent looking female, but the Star Wars division seems to hit homeruns here and there.  The face sculpt and paint on the face is flawless and sharp, highlighted by the character’s facial tattoos.  The face has a calm expression, and really sells the look of the figure.  Unfortunately, you can see little more than the face of the figure, as she’s got a hard plastic hood that surrounds the head.  It’s nice and open, but because of that, movement is limited.  It does have SOME movement, but not much.  The head is independent of the hood, so it moves freely inside the hood.  You’re limited to side-to-side motion, but it’s there.  Both her head and hands have the tattoos painted on, and nicely done, as well.  It gives the character some life.

Now, Barriss does have a cloth dress, which would be AWESOME, if she didn’t have a hard plastic cloak on her back.  The fact that it’s hard plastic really restricts an otherwise awesome figure.  Because the cloak goes down to her feet, it makes posing and placing the figure a hostage.  Which is really a shame, as she has some nicely done boots, so much so, that they have painted applications.  She has the normal full Star Wars articulation, but cannot take advantage of the leg articulation due to the cape.  The rest of her outfit is nicely detailed.  She has a snug ribbed shirt, and has a belt with a painted on heart-shaped belt.  On her belt is a slot for the light saber handle.

She comes with a light saber handle and a lit blue light saber.  The saber is kind of loose in the hands, but she can still hold it okay.  The poses with the saber isn’t a huge issue, but the cloak does fit over the shoulders some, so there is some limits.

The figure is well done.  If it wasn’t for that hard plastic cloak, man, this figure would be awesome.    Still, though, if you can find this figure, pick it up.






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